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Last Movie i probably saw was Return of the King back in December... IMO I can't believe that some of you didn't like the last samurai, I thought that the ending was a little Cliché, but it was overall a great movie, i would also recommed the anime series Rurouni Kenshin which is roughly in the same time period as the last samurai (I recomend it because there are a bunch of similarities between the last samurai and it)
Oh and i'm going to see Miracle soon...
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Finished watching Jaws 3...wow what a truly AWFUL movie...I could have been more entertained staring at dog poo on the sidewalk for 2 hours
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Return of the King was the last one I saw and before that the Last Samurai. I really need to go watch a couple of movies where I laugh and thinking is not required.
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House of Sand and Fog

Highly recommend this movie. Great story, powerful performances. I can see why Shohreh Aghdashloo was nominated for bsa.
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SOLARIS by Andrei Tarkovsky (1972)

I always try to see the original before the dumbed-down hollywood remakes of films. If Ingmar Bergman made science fiction it would have been Solaris. This is not George Lucas, no lasers or monsters.

It's very long and seriously sags in the middle. I was very tired and struggled to stay awake. And wondered later if that was the directors strategy as the film sucker punched me and left me devastated!

An interesting side note: The Russians wanted a film to rival Kubrick's '2001' and employed their most talented and most politically troublesome director to keep him busy and out of their hair. Of course they hated the film.
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Blue Velvet. For some reason, I had missed this one for all of these years until the other day. I noticed it on a freind's rack of DVD's and said, "Hey, isn't this that David Lynch guy?" His look was of total puzzlement, as though I had to be kidding. Then he started laughing hysterically because prior to that moment we were engaged in a wonderful conversation about all sorts of movies, and he seemed impressed with my knowledge. Oh well, you can't watch them all.. but this one is a true classic!
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"Gattaca." It's probably the tenth time I've seen it, and I still am amazed every single time I watch it. This ranks up near the top five or so in my favorite movies.
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Finally got to see Finding Nemo [thumbs up]. 50 First Dates and Miracle for the second time each tonight.
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The Butterfly Effect
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This DVD :

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Zatoichi to Yojimbo

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Just saw The Ladykillers. Not sure if I liked it or not. Mixed feelings.
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Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The corporation

Both are really good. Eternal is really exceptional, like all other Charlie Kaufman movies.
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Chasing Amy
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I've seen a ton lately...

A Boy's Life...

A documentary about a Mississippi 7 year old being raised by his grandmother that is victimized by his grandmother's Munchhausen by Proxy disorder- she attributes all manner of disturbed behavior to him and has him falsely medicated for psychiatric disorders that he doesn't have. Seriously disturbing and playing on HBO.


Third one in a trilogy. Was like an After Effects/Photoshop fiesta! Ughh...

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams


Shintaro Katsu’s Zatoichi

While I'm a fan I found it to be a bit of a mess as far as the story goes.
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