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Matrix 3. Unfortunately. Off to watch another movie shortly!
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Daddy Day Care. Not very funny, don't bother. Italian Job before that, awesome flick. My wife, son and I all loved it.
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Old movie for the zillionth time: "Dr. Strangelove"

I think this would have to go on anyone's "ten greatest of all time" list!
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...or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Great movie!

We went to see Open Range last night. Beautiful photography of the countryside. The line up of actors was impressive: Duval, Costner, Benning. This could have been an Eastwood western and the action scenes were right up there IMO. The gunfight was loud. Cheesy ending aside, I would recommend it.
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Just finished watching "Run Ronnie Run." It was a great laugh and has my full recommendation.
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Bravo Two Zero

Based on the book of the same name, a true story of an 8 member British SAS (Special Air Service) team sent into the Iraqi desert during the Desert Storm War to seek out and destroy mobile "Scud" missile launchers in addition to severing the fiber optic communications cables the mobile launcher crews needed to get their targeting information.

Things go awry pretty quick and the Bravo Two Zero teams location is compromised turning the mission into a desperate battle of survival. The story is told through the perspective of the team leader SAS Sergeant Andy McNab and is a decent movie but some of the battle effects looked pretty fake.
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This week i've been to the movies a few time and have seen the following:

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Matrix Revolutions
Alien Directors Cut
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Kill Bill

Tonight i'm going again and will be watching Matrix Revolutions again
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Apocalypse Now Redux. To tell you the truth I could have done without the added footage, prefered the original version.
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Houston, revisited, too many times.
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final destination 2. it was unrealistic, the plot was crap, and there was no acting involved. i didnt like it.
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Dirty Harry - great flick
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Very hard to watch at times but powerful film with a superb ensemble cast including Dustin Hoffman, Robert DiNiro, Jason Patric, Ron Eldard, Kevin Bacon, Billy Crudup, Terry Kinny, Brad Pitt and Minnie Driver. This is the third time I have seen it and it still packs a real emotional punch.

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Terminator 3 ---- Just Plain Horrible! What a let-down.
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Matrix Revolution - great movie, but they can do better on the plot.
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