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Very mixed buy she got a beautiful voice


And Michele Adamson mmm
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It's very difficult to recommend a whole album on a singular artist under these genres. I always tend to find good songs with various artists on compilations. I've always been a fan of Portishead, and I've always been on the hunt for more music like them. Now, I have so many to recommend, but I'll start with these albums:

Kallocain by Paatos check out Holding on, Gasoline, and Reality. The album was mixed by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson. It's a mixture of downtempo/chillout/Prog-Rock.

In the same vein of Portishead, my highest recommendation will go to:
Mandalay check out their three albums, and then after Nicola Hitchcock's latest solo album:Passive Agressive. Her voice is very unique and angelical.

All India Radio - Fall - Hypnotic Voice and rhythms!!!

More along the lines of Tricky/with more Hip Hop and Jazzy elements, I would have to say, try:
The Herbalizer anything by them.

Wax Tailor- Tales of the Forgotten Melodies, and their latest Hope & Sorrow album.

For the Best Compilations you should try:

Hed Kandi - Winter Chill albums. Huge variety of female artists.

Also try:
Trip Hop Anthology

Very rare stuff:

Brother sun, sister moon- Great Game

Both albums produced by Paul Robb from Information Society. Barbara Cohen has a very soulful voice combined with the cool Trip Hop tracks by P. Robb.

I have lots more, but this will suffice for now.
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justinne suissa of chicane fame and now with oceanlab
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Ashley Tomberlin of Luminary. Can be heard on Paul Van Dyk's "New York City" and other tracks.
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Check out the first lady of psy-chill, Michele Adamson.

She has two solo releases that I know of, plus has collaborated with acts like Shpongle, J. Viewz, Lunar Sound, etc.

One of my favorite tracks with her on vocals is Lunar Sound - Electric Plants.

Another excellent (and relatively unknown) track is Gargoyles - Spacebaby (Seiberg & Witten mix). YouTube - Gargoyles - Spacebaby
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Some of my favorites:
Audrey Gallagher ("You walk away" by Tydi)
Sarah Howells ("Out Of The Sky" by Lange)
Zara ("Lost" by Sunlounger)
Adrina Thorpe ("Back To You" by DJ Shah)
Kyler England ("Change Your Mind" by Sunlounger)
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Cascada, Nexx, Baracuda (mostly Eurodance).
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Paul Van Dyk - "In Between" album has several good tracks.
Serge Devant Feat. Hadley - Addicted
Deadmau and Kaskade- I remember
4 Strings - Diving , Take me away, High on life
J- I feel divine
John O callaghan - Big Sky
Paul Van Dyk - We are alive, Tell me why
Ferry Corsten - Made of love
Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky Feat. Cari Golden - No Limit
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
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Imogen Heap.
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Thread is kinda old..... As for stuff this year -

Sarah Howells in the Ronski Speed remix of Lange's "Let it all out". The chorus is intoxicating.

Cristina Soto in the Tritonal songs. "Invincible Sun" is a personal fav. Her voice is so soothing.
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Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Thought this would have been mentioned by now.
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Originally Posted by GeoD View Post
Samantha James - Rise is one of my favorites hands down. She has an intoxicating voice, great uplifting beats and the recording is one of the highest quality ones I've heard. I've seen some people compare her to a modern Sade.
Just got this album in on the recommendation of this thread - it's great! Thanks!
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Moya Brennan: "Show me" - Jakatta Remix and Schiller Remixes

Siobhan Maher Kennedy - Chicane "Oceanic"

Emiliano Torrini: everything really!

and of course.....the incredible and amazing Shanghai Divas remixed by Ian Widgery! Nothing else on this planet sounds like it nor is sung as beautifully as this! One of the most original and best albums ever done in this kind of genre!! Shanghai Divas on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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definitely has to be Massive Attack's Mezzanine. A number of the tracks have female vocals.
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Sarah McLachlan's album Surfacing.
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