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Favorite female vocals with electronica/trance/chill beats

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I'd have to say that some of my favorite music to listen to on the headphones is high quality recordings with female vocals. I'm always looking for new stuff to try, here are some I enjoy...

Samantha James - Rise is one of my favorites hands down. She has an intoxicating voice, great uplifting beats and the recording is one of the highest quality ones I've heard. I've seen some people compare her to a modern Sade.

Jes - Disconnect is another great album with great beats and vocals and is a high quality recording.

Summer of Space had a song on a Kaskade album that I really enjoyed and decided to pick up her album. Very good vocals and chill / relaxed beats.

Kaskade usually has some good female vocals on his stuff and really enjoy his music.

Some other artists, albums, songs to check out with some of my favorite female vocals...

Kerri Chandler in So Far by Miguel Migs

From Armin Van Buuren's Imagine Album:
Unforgivable (Jaren)
Never Say Never (Jacqueline Govaert)
What If (Vera Ostrova)

Kirsty Hawkshaw
Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Damien Heck Remix)

Aya - Strange Flower

If you like this kind of music, please post up some others you'd recommend.

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I don't really listen much of this genre, but I do have a few I really like.

Kala and Mary - Yann Tiersen & Elizabeth Fraser [Les Retrouvailles]

Teardrop - Massive Attack [Mezzanine]
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Try the albums Spirit by Caroline Lavelle, produced by William Orbit. Also Omen by Hana, featuring the vocalist of Sky Cries Mary and the electronic wizardry of Jeff Greinke.
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Marcella Woods

Contains "Beautiful" (Pulser Remix), "Falling" (Solar Stone AfterHours Mix)

Andrea Britton

Contains "Winter"

Jan Johnston

Contains two versions of "Flesh" (Tiesto Mix) & (Tilt's Going Home Dub).....Also includes "Touch Me" (Rui Da Silva) Cassandra Fox

Can you tell I love the "Euphoria" compilations? I have many house and trance compilations, which I love, but my favorites will always be "Euphoria". From the song selection, mixing, mastering quality etc.....
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I guess the usual suspects here would be:

Massive Attack
Sneaker Pimps
Zero 7

An just about every other popular trip hop and downbeat group...

Of particular note, lately I have been really enjoying "the Cosmic Game" by Thievery Corp. Some great obscure female vocals on that album.
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"Lost" ~ Sunlounger feat. Zara
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Kirsty Hawkshaw, Jan Johnston, Elisabeth Fraser all take me back.

A few vocalists who work with electronic musicians that I dig:

Sarah Cracknell - Of Saint Etienne, and for a little tune she did with Paul Van DykYouTube - Paul Van Dyk Ft Saint Etienne ~ Tell Me Why

Tracy Thorn - Everything but the girl and Massive Attack - Protection!

Kelli Ali - vocalist for the Sneaker Pimps before they kicked her out , worked with Satoshi Tomie and Bootsy Collins (!).
YouTube - Bootsy Collins - Play With Bootsy (feat. Kelli Ali)

Luciana - Ex-member of the dancepop group "Crush" (famous for that tune "Jellyhead"). Topping the dance charts in the UK with the group Bodyrox.
YouTube - Bodyrox AND Luciana - What Planet U On?

Hafdis Huld - Icelandic singer, once part of Gus Gus. Worked with FC Kahuna on "machine says yes" and "hayling".
YouTube - FC Kahuna - Hayling

Roisin Murphy - Former frontwoman for the band Moloko, now a solo act.
YouTube - Roisin Murphy - "Overpowered"
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Oh yes, how could I forget.

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If you want to listen to a up and coming band, check out the deadwasps in my sig or on there Myspace.

A great band from my old hometown, They are touring the US this summer.
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Skye Edwards - Morcheeba

her voice defines chill
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I'm looking forward to checking some of these songs and albums out. Keep them coming
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Beth Orton
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Another one I forgot about.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Very versatile and underrated singer imo. Shot to fame after giving her voice to that Spiller - Groovejet tune in 2000. Critically acclaimed/abhorred in Europe but barley known in the US (isn't that always the case). A bit of a chameleon in that she looks as good as she sounds.
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Oh, and Sinead O'Connor's collaborations with Massive Attack and Moby.
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