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just bought a 2ndhand c-jay last night, and immediately tore the big earpad whilst trying to wear them onto the earpiece...

.just like wat mark did...lolz...maybe its made a tad too tighhhhhhht.


Of the three pads, i like the smallest one...the sound is closer clearer warmer...great for ON THE GO listening. 

 jazz, vocals, happy songs...songs that u dont need to scrutinise.

The smallest pad looks BEST too on my head, cant imagine myself PADDED up with the biggies walking around town hehe.

Overall, i would say its a good enough all round performer for a foam padded open can. ITS A GOOD LOOKER..swedish design but of cos.


i have the AKG K450 too, just did an A/B...K450 has my vote. But K450 is a closed can ...i just like the isolation better.

gives me more focus on the music. Caveat: K450 is set to "bass-reduced"on the EQ...otherwise its toooo echo-y for my taste.

With the K450, i can do abit more serious listening..its a very underrated on-ear portable really. Typical AKG signature: good clarity and soundstage.

(if u dun have an EQ on your player, can be a problem with the bass bias.)


With both these portables....i soon forgot i had them on. 


How am i gonna use these two....

C-JAY will be on around my neck when i wander the streets, the K450 will be in my car..used when i am waiting for my wife.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz