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please leave me any feedback. thanks!
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Sold to nyjets28 a pair of SR60s. Transaction went very smoothly, no hassles! Thanks!
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I sold a pair of NE-7M to nyjets28 and he was great to deal with. He paid with no hassles and was a pleasure to deal with.

Highly recommended purchaser.
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I sold him a mini plug and some Mogami cable that he was looking for. Fast payment; smooth deal all around. Recommended Head-Fi'er.
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Traded my T4 for his XM5. Everything went smoothly.

Cheers mate.
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Bought a Total Bithead. No problems at all.
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I recently sold my Westone 3 to Rich. Great person to deal with. Fast communications and easy to talk to. Don't hesitate to deal with him!
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Sold me a Fuze LOD. Had it in the mail to me the next morning after payment, and it was packed well. Great communication, as well. Top-notch seller!
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Sold a pair of HD580's to nyjets28. Fast payment and great communication. Thanks
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Bought a Cardas mini to mini from Rich. Great, quick communication. Had it in the mail the morning after I sent payment (Friday). Got it well packaged on Monday. Fantastic transaction.
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Bought an emu0404 usb from me. Paid promptly. It was a very smooth transaction.
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I sold a pair of HD600 grills to Rich. Communication was good and his payment was very prompt; a hassle-free deal.
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I bought a Fiio E5 headphone amp from Rich and it arrived in perfect condition very quickly.
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Bought a pair of Denon D1001 from Rich and it arrived exactly as described in just 2 days. THANKS!!!
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Got some IEMs from nyjets28. Shipping was super-quick and communication was top-notch. Easy deal. Thanks!
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