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Originally Posted by Not2Not1 View Post
What album(s) sound incredibly good to you thru headphones??

Let's eliminate the obvious Beatles and Pink Floyd. What album would you throw on to really impress someone. Not like I need more CD's, but I'm looking for suggestions.

I'll start:
Tower of Power - Back to Oakland, Urban Renewal
Michael Franks - Art of Tea
Lemon Jelly - all
Fila Brazillia - Power Clown
Kid Loco - Jesus Life for Children Under Inches
Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex
Joey DeFrancesco - Live: The Authorized Bootleg - sounds like you tipped the waiter and got a front row table.... can smell the smoke... not to mention one hell of a good album
A Positive Life - Synaesthetic
Getz/Gilberto - considering the year it is a very sharp recording.... not to mention maybe the classiest album of all time
Telepopmusik - Genetic World

Have fun!
So I went through this list and found as much of it as I could and here are some of my impressions with a pair of cheap Grados. The Lemon Jelly album is my favorite so far out of the selections listed here... I haven't listened to all of the albums listed, but I hate to say that I'm fairly underwhelmed by some of these picks. One of the more interesting albums, the Joey Defrancesco album, though not totally something I'd normally rush out to buy, does have that smokey club vibe, and really, it showed me the limitations of my unamped SR60s, because there's a sense about this recording where it sounds so good, so pure, that you really only get a sense of this with these phones. You feel the soundstage, you can smell the smoke, but the whole time I feel like my hands are lightly cupping my ears, and I want to remove my hands so I can get the fullness of the sound. Its sorta aggravating .

Some of the other albums I've listened to here, Synaesthetic, Hed Phone Sex, Jesus Life for Children Under Inches, are OK albums, but not the most exciting albums I've heard for headphones so far. Hed Phone Sex stands out for making me chuckle a bit and for being a bit more unusual for this type of lounge-y electro that typifies many of the albums here.

So far the best headphone albums I've had the opportunity to listen to with these phones are:
Radiohead's Ok Computer (I don't especially like Radiohead, and I'm not entirely in love with the style of rock on this album... its all sorta... "meh", but I have to admit this is an amazing headphone album).

Beatles' Love album. I'm going to have to disagree with milkweg on the Beatles for this album at least. Granted its more a post-Beatles album than a true and proper Beatles album, but the production techniques on it are amazing. All the more so if you're a Beatles fan

Right now I'm listening to one of Not2Not1's recommendations... telepopmusik, and I have to admit that it is a very good headphone album. very trippy. I just took off my headphones because there's a track that contains synthetic sounding crickets at the end, and I had to make sure they weren't in the room with me (open headphones... can never be too sure haha). There was a track on another album he recommended that had, what sounded like a tractor-trailer passing from the left phone to the right, and it freaked me out for a sec because I thought some car in the parking lot was about to bust through the side of the office I should probably lay off the Monster energy drinks for awhile and get some sleep.
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A new album I like that sounds good would be Bertie Blackman - Secrets and Lies.
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Within The Realm of a Dying Sun..................... SACD.................... Dead Can Dance
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Ulver - Perdition City
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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post
Within The Realm of a Dying Sun..................... SACD.................... Dead Can Dance
I have that album (not on SACD though). I'll have to give it a spin. Thanks for the recommend.
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Yes, I have it to, the album{LP} from the old days when I had Flock of Seagulls' hair, when I really had hair. The new sacd is just easer to play than finding the record for me.
Alot of people have fallen inlove with that album. I have .
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Originally Posted by intoart View Post
I listened to Bjork's Volta on headphones last night, and was blown away! I am certain that parts of it must be binaural.
Finally someone else mentions this album... I always use it when checking my gear, and just listen to it a lot anyway. It truly is one of the finest sounding recordings I own.
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The Beatles - Love
Alison Krauss & US - Live
Diana Krall - live in Paris
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Charlatans UK - Between 10th & 11th
Cocteau Twins - Four Calendar Cafe
Baby Mammoth - Seven Up
Stereolab - Sound Dust
XTC - Nonsuch
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I have to add Safe Trip Home by Dido. One of the best-sounding new recordings I have heard in some time (good content, also.)
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Natural Elements - Shakti with John McLaughlin

Maybe my equipment isn't good enough to reveal some glaring flaw, but to me it sounds fantastic.
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My recommendation is Cornelius- "Fantasma".

first song is called 'mic check' - this should be called 'headphone check' -great soundstage intro to an album that has a variety of rock which spans electronica to shredding guitar riffs to a beach boys homage. Good stuff!
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Jerry Garcia/David Grisman ~ 'Grateful Dawg'
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Originally Posted by tattoou2 View Post
Jerry Garcia/David Grisman ~ 'Grateful Dawg'
Nice! I have the DVD.

Kate Bush : Aerial, esp disc 2. Wonderful on phones.
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Another one to add to the list: Nouvelle Vague's - "Coming Home" album. Sort of a funky electro-bossa nova take on older well known film scores. Very unique, and the mix in the phones is really intelligent. Lots of panning, and separation and what not. Just a treat for the ears.
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