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Phonak Audeo Defect Thread - Page 32

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Hopefully you'll have a better experience with the replacement than I've had so far. I'm hoping for the best though as they are fantastic with noise isolation and sound, I'm hoping it isn't (another?) manufacturing defect.

Me too.  I was actually starting to regret sending the Westone 4's back for them but we'll see what happens.  They really do make all of my music - especially classical - sound amazing.  I'd never work out with them, though, because they wouldn't stay in if I tried tongue.gif  I really don't want to have to send them back multiple times, either.  Hopefully we both have good luck! 

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I know this is a bit dated by this point, but just wanted to give an updated. About about 3 months (I've been dealing with the issue for a little over a month, haven't had time to mess with the return again) the same exact issue happened. Left ear bud goes out with minor adjustments to the wire near the base of the connector. Good luck to anyone else that decides to purchase this particular model, about 4 times I'm done, getting a full refund and moving on to something else. Going to miss the PFE 132's, while they worked.

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