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So I received my refund today. Nice.
Horen Mit Fiebing told me they would only refund the retail price, €107. But I've received €119, which means they also refunded my shipping costs.
Well, the CS is rather confusing, but it is still acceptable. Oh well.
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Originally Posted by polecat89 View Post
Have one to add unfortunately. Only had them a few weeks. Crack in left earpiece of black earphones. In the process of contacting Phonak.

After over a half of year of usage I noticed identical crack. Same size, same place, same earpiece. I bought mine from a polish distributor and so I contacted him and then sent him the earphones asking to pass them to Phonak for warranty service. A few days passed and I've just received a package from Phonak Poland with a brand new product as a replacement.
The new ones come from a bit later batch (but still '08). I hope I'll have more luck this time. I received a very professional service from both Phonak Poland and the distributor (if you're from Poland, I highly recommend you Konert company from Warsaw, especially Poniecka street branch - the one I dealt with).
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Any news on when and how replacement phones will be shiped if you have already contacted Bill?
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Sorry guys, I have some bad news.

According to Bill, "Looks like the replacements are delayed due to supplier issues."

He kindly offered me a refund instead. I hope everyone else will continue to sit tight or get a refund. Best of luck.
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Originally Posted by Thrashingshrimp View Post
Sorry guys, I have some bad news.

According to Bill, "Looks like the replacements are delayed due to supplier issues."

He kindly offered me a refund instead. I hope everyone else will continue to sit tight or get a refund. Best of luck.
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woah, i got lucky I requested a refund last week instead of waiting for the exchange. It was a hard decision to make, but i figured that I was better off trying something else. Glad I did otherwise I barely would've made the request today, prolonging the waiting period of having no earphones to use.
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I don't think I can wait for the newer models now so I'm opting for a refund now after a month of waiting. I loved the sound that the PFEs had, so does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives that have a similar sound signature--and hopefully a comparable price too?
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The ER4p should work for you. Others say the RE0.
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After a few months, I just the other day noticed some cracks in my black 112s from the 2008-12-02 batch.

I see the usual cracks on the vertical sections of both the left and right phones, and there's the chip out of the left. I only just noticed these, but I wouldn't be overly surprised if the former had been there for a while and only came to my attention when I saw the latter.

I think I'm planning to ask for a replacement when the new stock finally comes in, but I'm not sure how long I want to wait, since the foam tips are getting a little ragged in spots, and I no longer have both of the large silicone tips, due to the one on the left being a bit loose and having come off at some point, probably on its way out of my pocket or something.

I've been meaning to contact Phonak for a while now due to some other issues, but I now have a bit more motivation.

I too have had the sound fade out in the left ear. Fortunately, my Rockboxed Fuze has balance control, so I could compensate on the go up to a point. I have, however, done a little bit of filter-fiddling to try to get sound back. Merely removing and replacing the filters doesn't seem to fix the problem reliably. Removing the filter, blowing or sucking air across the opening, and replacing the filter (or just leaving the phones to sit overnight) appears to do the trick. I also noticed that it happened a lot less often when I went back to the foam tips from the large silicone tips. Is it a problem of ventilation or something like that?

On another issue, I also noticed that the cables didn't stay in all the way in the ear guides very well. I shrugged this off and stopped using them since they were catching my hair anyway. Will the new cables stay in the guides any better?
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Any word on the new batch? I'd like to exchange mine before the warrantee runs out. Hopefully, the new batch will come out before then.
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Bill sent an email saying that he would let us know this week. You have a two year warranty so you should be ok. unless you meant that as sarcasm which i totaly understand.
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i hate to post on this thread, but my white PFE (took delivery around mid-february) has developed a crack on the left side and I have been using it sparingly and it has always been kept in a hard case.

Guess I'll have to join the bandwagon.. pretty disappointed I must say
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i lost audio on one channel which has happened before but was quickly resolved by replacing filters with clean ones. so i go to remove the silicones thinking all i need to do to get back to listening is change the filter, and then i find this...

this will be my second return. Horen Mit Fiebing dealt with the first without any hassle. Now i just need to be sure to get a replacement from the new batch right?
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that is a crack first seen here, I always has the opposite symptom which is the filter slip off no matter what tip I use (i am on my third pair)
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Hey guys, I've updated the list again. Any numbers in red are entries from October. I thought it might be useful for potential owners to know about the latest returns rather than the earlier ones. I think I've added everyone's details to the list, but if not, let me know and I'll amend them. And if people can still post the replacement batch dates whenever possible, that would be helpful, thanks
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