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Originally Posted by Ihatepopupads View Post
I only know of one headfi-er with a white pair.
There's a couple, I was one of them, tstarn06 I'm pretty sure has them...and that's all I can remember haha.
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Originally Posted by ghost87 View Post
The PFE's are made of cheap quality plastic, so it does't surprise me that there are problems with cracking
Thanks for that valuable piece of non-information. It's not something inherent in the plastic, but something in the manufacturing of that specific batch of PFEs. You have real data on the phrase "cheap quality" plastic, a definition? Specs? Didn't think so. As noted, the vast majority of driver housing cracking issues (if not all) happened with the black phones. My white ones? Same plastic. No cracks.

I've already posted that Phonak needs to get this issue under control, and my guess is they are trying and will succeed.

But as always, Ghost87 has to toss in his negative comments on the PFE.
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Originally Posted by Bína View Post
Mine is black. Now I´m going to send them to Germany shop.
I think that white have less problems, because there are simply less owners with white pairs than black.
And I dont think it is something horrible. They sold thousands pairs and we have something about 30-50 bad pairs?
But this thread is regarding only Head-Fi owners who've had problems, not purchasers outside of the site. We can't know the failure rate outside of Head-Fi.
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It will very much affect their sales, same when sleek became fotm and then had problems though now rectified it still makes people afraid of buying them.
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I think that someone from Phonak should post here any information about that crack like Shure did before. I was ready to order my first pair of black PFE today but after reading this post I decided to hold.
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Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
It will very much affect their sales, same when sleek became fotm and then had problems
though now rectified it still makes people of buying them.
That's very true. But if Phonak address it quickly enough, and gives current owners and new buyers a guarantee that any replacements will come from a new batch, I think that would go a long way to restore confidence. And as far as I know, only one owner has had a double failure so far. All the replacements seem to be holding up.
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Precisely what they have to do, but have not yet (through their HF contact, Mr. Browne). Replacing the defective ones quickly and at no cost is a great first step, but it would be nice to hear some specifics about why the failures occurred, and how they have gone about making sure that future PFEs are not prone to such easy cracking, etc. Some sort of explanation would be very nice. My guess is that because the company is based on Switzerland, that could be part of the problem of the lack of definitive information on the issue, not sure.
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Originally Posted by PG21 View Post
Man I must be one of the lucky ones with so far no problems with the black (pfe 112) pair.
Here's another one... (touching iron... and not only that )
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Good comments soozieq and tstarn86 re the topic of putting this issue behind us so we can enjoy our music in confidence.

This thread was a good idea IMO. I'd like to know what's being done about this just like many other PFE owners. I really do hope that a Phonak rep steps in to help put our worries to rest...some good new such as "don't worry gang, all units currently being shipped will be 100% defect free" . Maybe I'm asking for too much.

...and thanks Tom for your remarks to ghost87, you were nicer than I wanted to be.
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No problem. What is up with that dude? I mean, he just posts some snippy little jab, as usual, about the PFEs, and Phonak in general. Forum detective? I have much more definitive, but unprintable, description for him.

Maybe it is asking too much, but it seems that HF helped create whatever success the PFEs are having in the marketplace (though I have no idea how many folks outside of here actually are buying the PFEs), so it would be smart/beneficial to at least post something to help us understand what went wrong with the bad batch. They certainly don't owe anyone an explanation, but it would be interesting, and much appreciated.

And as you saw, people are are just finding out about the PFEs are going to balk at giving them a shot if durability issues are not put to rest.
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I had a black pair of PFE's (no mic), and they had a crack on the left side, as seen here:

Got them exchanged pretty quickly, and didn't have to pay for anything. New one is crack-free so far.
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Thanks for all the updates and pics. As for the white pairs, seems like only 2 people (that I know of), have had them. And one pair have already cracked on the right earpiece. So thinking that the white pairs are probably a safe bet isn't necessarily true. It's just that hardly anyone has them, so we don't have a more realistic failure rate to work on.

Oh, and I have 2 polite requests. If your Phonak's are functioning as they should be, that's great, but please don't post it here

This thread is only for reporting defective pairs. And secondly, it would be nice if this thread could remain civil. Sometimes it's wiser to ignore a post, than to react, and risk yet another PFE thread breakdown.


EDIT: Centerfold, that's a pretty big hole

What colour is your new pair?
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Sorry to intrude. Last time. As an FYI, I thought the other owner of the white phones, forget who, had a damaged cable out of the box, but didn't suffer the weird cracking the black phones have. Could be wrong about that. Otherwise, I agree this isn't the thread for posting about non-problematic PFEs.
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....jeeez, that could be a picture of my L 'phone. The crack and defect is pretty much identical to yours. Like i said, that was after 3-4w in possession, and i would guess no more than 10-15hrs usage.
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have returned them, waiting for the answer now.
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