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I bought HD800 stock cable(reterminated 4 pin) from Scootermafia. His reterminating work is great! His customer service is perfect and I'd definitely deal with him again! Thanks!
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Bought a K702 Double Helix Cable from scootermafia. Very professional and efficient service; I really couldn't ask for more. Extremely happy with the quality of the item as well. Very highly recommended!

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Bought a DHC Blackout cable from Pete for my HD650s. His pricing, communication, and the quality of the cable were all superb. I'll be going to him for all my recabling needs from now on.
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Had Peter re-terminate my HD800 cable to 4-pin balanced. His work is flawless, and the cable looks and works great. Highly recommended member!
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I sold Scootermafia my Balanced Beta 22. He was always responsive to communications and paid promptly.

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I purchased scootermafia's furutech balanced cable, super fast shipping and very responsive to my all my questions.  Highly recommended.

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