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bought a double helix cable from Peter. transaction went smoothly and Peter had fantastic customer service, i would happily buy from him again. great work, thanks!
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I was the first customer of Peters for his Double Helix Cable (http://www.doublehelixcables.com). I trusted him though, and it paid off. Wonderful cable, wonderful craftsmanship, wonderful sound.
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Ordered a cable. It arrived very fast, and communication was excellent, but cable just wasn't what I wanted in the end.

He worked with me for about of week in emails and instant messages in providing choices for wires, sleeving, and construction. Cable was made quickly after parts arriving and shipped. Tracking number recieved and look forward to the cable. Pictures sent look excellent.

I recommend Double Helix Cables if you are looking for a customized cable to exactly how you want them, and Peter will work with you to make what you want, or help you discover what it is you want (my case ).
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Peter offered to send me some 8610 for only the price of shipping, very generous! Not only that, but they came fast packed nicely in a special airtight metal canister that I can use to store my different opamps. How awesome is that? As you may be able to tell, it was great dealing with Peter.
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He is a very nice person to work with !
I order a nice interconnect from him, very beautiful !

Really recommended if you are looking for custom cables. He will help you with your choice !
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Feedback for Scooter Mafia (Peter)

I was looking for a new cable for my hd-650s and I came across Peter and contacted him. He responded nearly instantaneously with a description of what he had to offer, various options, etc., and I ended up buying a Double Helix Reverse Transcript cable from him.

Communication with Peter is superb, and even though I had never heard of him I felt completely comfortable sending him my money. He delivered, very quickly and with a real quality product. I've had the cable on the 650s for about 12 hours worth of listening and while they were an immediate improvement over the stock cables, they continue to get better every couple days. I'm finally hearing some of what my 650s are capable of with this cable and the ASL MG Head amp I've had for a few weeks now.

Highly recommended.

-- Jim
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So after we talked over what I was looking for different from the "stock" DH cable, I made my final order.

I received a limited version of the HD650 cable with the Neotech/Multifilament sleeving/Furutech Plug/ViaBlue cable splitter. It arrived very fast, much faster than I anticipated and it looks awesome, the workmanship was excellent. Beyond what I imagined it to be, very pleased and excited.

Highly recommend for you custom cable needs!
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Bought a Moon Audio Cable from Scootermafia... well described well packed excellent transaction Thanks for printing sample on custom sheet for internationnal shipping...do save custom fees and taxes!!!! seller recommended 100%!!!!
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Bought an HD650 Limited Edition cable from Peter. Within an hour he was online talking to me about all the options I had and he was very patient with explaining every aspect of it in detail. After we agreed on a price the day after I had an "in progress" picture of the cable and in the next few days he sent me more. A week later the cable is here and I am REALLY enjoying it. The craftsmanship is A+ and the sound is very good. If you want an HD650 cable that costs a lot less than the competition and improves the sound tremendously, this is it.

Peter gets a high recommendation not only for his customer service quality but also for kickass cables.
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If this were eBay I would give Peter A++++ and more + signs until the character count max'd out.

Communication is everything, and he is the best. Just finished three HUGE orders with him -- he was there with specs, ideas, photos, links, every step of the way. Emails answered within minutes. And reasonable prices, plus top-notch craftsmanship.

What's not to love? Well my wife hates him, since some nights I have spent more time emailing Peter than paying attention to her, but that's her problem, right?

Highly recommended.
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Bought a couple of cables from Peter to use with my iMod setup. Communication was beyond excellent and he even threw in a free cable for me due to a mixup. The cable quality was VERY good and they sound great. Very nice guy to deal with. Highly recommended!
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sold an M^3 amp and sigma11 PSU to me. very smooth transaction, consistent communication. was even nice enough to throw in a very nice pair of RCA cables for free.

would not hesitate to deal with again. highly recommended!
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bought some mdr-f1 parts from scootermafia, excellent transaction, thanks
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bought akg k702s fast and well packed thanks
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Pete (doublehelixcables.com) sold me a Molecule HD650 cable, with completely custom (Chrysalis) sleeving. It's unusual to say the least.
Communication was excellent, and he got me some iPod parts only available in the USA , and threw in some other bits n pieces.
Thanks a lot.
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