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hmmm strange.:D By looking at the picture given by the Skylab (C-2C) and ampcity (C2) I was quite convinced C-2C was significantly smaller... Well I guess I will have to email ampcity anyway to find out the exact dimensions and see how it will fit on my small desk. Thanks for help.:D

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The size is almost identical between the most recent offering of the C2C and the current C2 amplifier as per the Audio-GD website.


C2C WxHxD: 250mm x 75mm x 290mm

C2 WxHxD: 240mm x 80mm x 300mm


So if the specs on the website are correct, its a minimal difference between the models.


My C2 arrives sometime next week so I will try to remember to measure it and see if the dimensions are the same as what is listed on the Audio-GD website.

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Arrived and measured.  The enclosure is larger than the online listing.


235mm W x 320mm D x 80mm H


That doesn't include the knobs/switches on the front, or the connectors on the back.  It is pretty big, but I have the desk space.  I can't compare to the C2C since I don't have one, and I don't know if the listing online from Audio-GD is accurate.

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Jeez, I hope the extra 20mm works out and doesn't ruin the experience for ya!

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It really is quite large, but it sounds great so I don't care.

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