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I'd just email Drew Baird directly at

He is very good at responding quickly.

Excellent. Thank you.

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Drew's very good.
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Recently I bought custom cables for a Sennheiser HD800 and an Audeze LCD-3 from Drew and Nichole.  They were very helpful with answering questions and helping choose a balanced cable with the right XLR end for a BMC PureDAC that I also purchased from them. Everything was high quality and orders were managed without any issues including changes to get the right connectors.  It was much appreciated.

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I recently bought the new Vorzuge Pure II amp from Moon Audio's website. Ordering was a breeze and the order even came with free 2 day shipping. The amp arrived on time and was packaged extremely well. Overall, I had a great experience shopping with Moon Audio and will most definitely be ordering more from them.
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I'm basically homeless now because of Drew and moon audio, I keep clicking buttons on his website, and things magically appear at my front door step.. And I might add, they show up rather quickly . They do a great job.
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I was never a big believer in the big improvements that upgrade cables supposedly made. Sure, I heard differences but they were basically steps sideways as opposed to upward.


However, the Silver Dragon V3 has made a significant improvement in the sound of my Audeze LCD-XC. Imaging and clarity are better, and everything is in more clear focus than with the stock cable. Music sounds more open and "breathes" more freely.


A special thanks to Drew for helping me select a cable best suited to my needs and musical tastes.

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I recently bought a silver cable from Moon-Audio for my HD650.  I am very happy with it

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I just had a very, very poor experience with Drew and Moon Audio. 


Just tried to order a portable DAC through Moon Audio. I had a very, very bad experience there. They made a mistake with their discount system and did’t follow through. It was both reduced in price and their discount code worked. They tried to make me pay for it.
Moon also failed to notice this only until I sent them a reminder for my tracking code. I wanted Fedex Priority and was waiting for tracking code for a day.
The tone of voice of Drew Baird is one of a person only focussed on money only. Not clients. Not a word of excuse. No response to my questions or requests for a different solution.
I'm shocked. Moon audio. Never again for me.
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