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bump for this great proud thread. Just waiting for my Jumbos now...

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I know this is a old appreciation thread but I wanted to tell everyone that a new pair of MS1000's are now in existence! I finished them a couple of weeks ago and have been tweaking their sound since then.  I actually have found a new method for tweaking the sound signature to add bass punch, make the mids less distant and tame the highs that I will be posting up in the near future!  


Anyway, I both really appreciate the sound of my new headphones as well as all of the people on this site who put their time into providing instructions and advice on crafting these cans.


This may be my first real post on this site, but I have already benefitted extensively from the community here!

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Does anyone know where I can purchase the spacers/distancers needed to do the MS1000 mod? Instead of trying to sell off my MS1s I think they're going to become my first DIY mods. 


Any input on the matter would be very appreciated!

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Gotta make em' yourself...

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You can get them 3-d printed here https://www.shapeways.com/designer/chanman209

i did the CADing. They're 14mm tall, with a 40mm hole. The wall thickness is 2mm, and the lip on the end extends 3mm further out. You can get them done in a variety of materials, i'd suggest alumide, as it's cheap and rigid. A pair shipped in the US will cost you $25. They have a 2 week build time apparently.

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Hello, this is my first Head-Fi post.

I just wanted to share my newly finished MS1000's. I had the ms1 for almost three years and had been listening to the quarter modded comfies for a while. I wanted some more love from my old headphones so I though I would give it a try. Huge improvement. I don't have any felt over the cups at all and the highs don't seem too bad. I used velour instead of felt to cover the insides. I made the spacers from 1.5 inch abs which happens to have an inside diameter of 40mm :) and I used pipe couplings to make the rings. lots of sanding cutting and frustration. if I had to do it again I would just by the 3d printed ones. Contact cement and hot glue and bam its all connected. It did feel a bit strange to pay 65$ plus tax and shipping for foam earpads.... I should also mention that the spacers with just my old worn out quarter modded comfies sounded really good too, so it is possible to have improvement without buying the big pads. However they are ridiculously uncomfortable like that. HERE are pictures. Cheers!

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Add Nauglanch in Durham, NC to the DIY/owners list of this outstanding project! Details in my build thread post. http://www.head-fi.org/t/323271/alessandro-ms1000-and-ms-ultimate-diy-modding-56k-warning/2430#post_11504082


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