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I Like the red on these Bob Carver amps.


Cherry 180's


Cherry 180.jpg


Cherry 180 2.jpg

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I want share my friend T + A  M 10 , tube Mono Block Power Amp from Germany
















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Interesting design.. the heatsinks remind me of the msb M 203's



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and those look like air filters...

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Line Magnetic amplifiers...






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Mine looks best, because it's mine!biggrin.gif






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Originally Posted by Haidar View Post

Line Magnetic amplifiers...

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But that dial! Looks like it came from some sort of oven. Happy Hopefully, it sounds great!

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Is that the volume?

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Looks like it from here...

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How 'bout Line Magnetic's LM-1 212 Single Ended mono amplifier with tungar filament supplies?




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It is big.....!

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yea, not sure if it's even remotely 'best looking' but it is very interesting.  Nice conversation starter.

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I wonder how much is spare tubes is going to cost. Very nice and has rollers to boot.

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I think it's beautiful in its own right. Looks like something out of Central Command in the '60's...

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