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I think LD makes very nice looking amps. They might not be the elite but they are certainly great for their price. These are all dope amps.
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It would have to be between the Leben and the Blue Hawaii.

I always did like the ARTAUDIO stuff, pretty pretty.

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Air Tight and Shindo have had a special place in my heart since first sight. I also find myself strangely attracted to the beautiful blue lights of McIntosh. Cary amps are quite nice too.
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I'm still taken with my Si2A3:

Though I still need to finish this one off:

It's about 80% of the way there, but every weekend I've been at work, out of town, or the weather has been bad. With any luck, it'll be done for CanJam.

Also, Frank Cooter's amps are amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing his electrostatic amp.
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The Woo line of amps take my vote..

Especially love the red Woo3..

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I have a soft spot for the Lebens, but there is a store in Osaka that carries that Air Tight and it is stunning. I dig these too:

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Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-02

Shindo Montrachet

Air Tight ATM-211

Air Tight ATM-2

Air Tight ATM-3

Triode M88SE PP

Triode 6BQ5 Headphone Amplifier

Sun Valley 300B

Sun Valley VP-3000SE

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Dared DV-200

LITE 300B Integrated Tube Amplifier

Yamamoto A-09

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Incredible. We are all so lucky that these things exist.

Uncle Erik - that is an amazing piece of work. Envious congratulations.
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Here's a phono stage of my wet dreams, Allnic Audio's H3000, which is an LCR phono stage... price is like $10K, I think... the separate power supply is not photo'd. Allnic has a cult following among the vinyl/SET/horn crowd in Asia...

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X2 on LEBEN!

Also Almarro A318B (maybe someday...)

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pic of my Leben CS300...

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Even though it's not expensive, I still like the look of my Ming-Da MC84-07C

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Seems like a lot of tube amps are made in china.
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