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love this thread!

but i have a question, since no one is posting the price..are most of these nice looking amps $1000+?

is there anything <$500 that looks nice?
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You be the judge - my Ming-da MC84C-07 - $400:

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You be the judge - my Ming-da MC84C-07 - $400:
Skylab's Ming-da gets my vote. I appreciate its aesthetic strengths.
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Good looking (IMO)

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Originally Posted by Afrikane View Post
Personally, Frank Cooter's creations never fail to induce slackjaw: (photo credits to our very own scorche)

Click pic for super massive goodness:
Amen! Franks amps both SOUND and look delightful. I LOVED hearing his stuff. Awesome awesome.
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Don't forget Opera!

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If you have 15 grand to burn, besides their untouchable sound quality, I wouldn't kick these monoblocks out of my system:

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Darkvoice 3322:

photo taken from http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/rev...3322-a-406368/
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Darkvoice 3322 need bigger tubes to go into the category of one of the best looking tube amps
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bigger isn't always better... :-)
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Do hybrids count (in particular those without exposed tubes)? If so, the Tenor flagship 350M is particularly pleasing on the eye.

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that tenor is GORGE-OUS!!
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My favorite in the looks department has always been this beauty from Leben.

If I had speakers that warranted such a beast, I would audition this first.
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