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Best looking tube amp

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What in your opinion is the best looking tube amp. post pics if you like.

- It would be nice if price was included, just for reference.
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I've always loved the look of the WA5 and the old Moth Audio Si2a3/original xana.
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I personally love the built like a tank look of Woo's offerings, especially the WA5.
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I like the Zana and the moth audio style of amps. Sort of retro and totally awesome.
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I also like the look of Woo amps, particularly the WA5 and WA2. The RSA b-52 also looks very nice, though the asymmetry bugs me occasionally...
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I like Woo Audio's industrial but classy look.
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For headphone amps, my vote goes for the Woo Audio 2 for the retro industrial look, but I am biased. For power amps, I have to go with the Atma-Sphere stuff, just because they are so utterly terrifying.

Edit: I also love the Moth Audio m304TL and Sphynx.
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A couple strong candidates.

AirTight ATM-300


RSA A-10 Thunderbolt II
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
A couple strong candidates.

AirTight ATM-300

WOW! now that's a nice amp!
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If you dig the classic Marantz aesthetic, gotta love the Leben CS600 (yes, I am biased).

And I give it up for the classy Shindo WE300B Limited Edition. Totally dig the green/gold vintage aesthetic... just beautiful

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I have always liked the Manley stingray....

The DARED 300B lookes pretty good

And then....

but looks arn't everything....

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how about little country III, I think it is beautiful.
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That Airtight amp looks really nice. I'm a fan of the WooAudio looks myself
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Does it have to be a headphone amp? Dared amps are pretty sweet looking.
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