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Originally Posted by anoobis View Post
Got something right, back of the net ...
What are you saying?
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I assume you're asking about the first clause. I meant it appears that I've finally understood something. Apologies if it read as though I was being disparaging to you.
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I recently purchased a Novo as (so I thought) an upgrade from a Musical Fidelity XCan v1 tube amp.

The XCan has live with me for about 3 years, fed by my Arcam CD92 and into my Grados (SR80s, then SR225i's, and now into SR325e's). After 3 weeks with the Novo, I was expecting to have sold my XCan on by now, but I'm stuggling to tell any significant difference between them to justify the price of the Novo. That's not to say I don't like it, or it's not very good... it is. But I quickly came to realise that I already had something which, to my ears, is as good as the Novo.

So with a view to possibly keeping both amps to see if the Novo grows on me, I thought I'd keep the Novo in my office and feed it from my iBasso DX50. The DX50 has a line out, so it has been quite easy to switch between my Grados plugged directly into the headphone socket of the DX50, and into the Novo fed from the line out of the DX50. If anything, the Novo mellowed the sound very slightly, but only by a miniscule amount. If I was to listen to the DX50 directly one day, and the Novo the next day, I honeslty doubt that I could tell which is which. Which I guess comes back to the original point...

Considering my existing methods of listening to music through headphones, I have gained nothing of any note from the purchase of the Novo. Until a few days ago I kept thinking to myslef that what I should is sell both the XCan and Novo and go for Graham Slee Solo. However, while a bit part of me wondered if I can justify the cost, a small pointy part of me pressed "Buy" on an XCan v2.

At time of writing I have not taken delivery of the v2, but I've heard good enough things about it to justify giving it a shot. Fingers crossed it will deliver the good to greater effect than either of my two exisitng amps.
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It's worth mentioning that the Graham Slee forum operates a free loan scheme in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. So you can try the products at home before having to decide if they're for you or not. This way you know what you're getting if you do decide to buy, and don't need to rely on the opinions of people you don't know, with different equipment/expectations/agendas to your own. Ultimately your own ears should do the deciding for you.

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