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YAMAHA YH-5M pictorial - "Form follows function"

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Form ever follows function, This is the law.

- Louis Sullivan

Form follows function, Sullivan told. YAMAHA YH-5M proves.

The YH-5M is a unique ensemble of gears and joints. A marriage of mechanics and sound engineering.
The idea of YH-5M design was inspired from headsets for pilots and broadcast monitors. This form ensure the best function, the designers thought. They designed YH-5M as a fusion of the fullsize headphones and the In Ear Monitors.

Nowadays, some IEM employs electrical PTT(Push to talk) function to talk while wearing.
The YM-5M has the same function by mechanics.
The ear support spins 180 degrees when the lower button was pressed.

The side pressure of the ear tips is painful at first but after some fine tuning it eventually fits nicely.
The head-bands can be adjusted via rack and pinion precise mechanics, this is remarkable.
The cable length is 2.5m(almost 8 feet) and detachable, so this is not intended for outdoor use despite the look.

YH-5M is a convertible.
YH-5M can be open and closed either, this is selectable with replacing cone shaped covers. The cover is called as back-cavity.
When you snap on the cavity, YH-5M is a closed can, now you have a good isolation.
When you remove the cavity, YH-5M sounding more clearer and open.
I prefer open, the Following sonic comments are based on the open form.

YH-5Ms are vintage orthdynamic headphones. The orthdynamic is a dynamic version of planner driver.
It's hardly believable from the futuristic look but they are almost 30 years old.
Its big brother YAMAHA HP-1 is very hard to drive as the impedance is fairly high while the efficiency is low. However YH-5M is much easier to drive.
The efficiency of YH-5M is high (113dB) and the impedance is low (20ohm). This makes driving YH-5M easily, and the same time YH-5M is very noise sensitive like today's IEM.

That impedance difference also brings a different sonic impression. The sound of HP-1 is dark while the YH-5M is airy.
On the other hand, the two brothers share the same sonic impression as well. They sounding like silky smooth across the entire frequency, with tight bass and crisp highs. I guess this smoothness is a virtue of orthdynamic drivers.

YAMAHA YH-5M sounding really excellent.
It's obvious at the first look.

Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

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you actually got hold of a pair!!

whats next; the discovery of moby dick and the loch ness monster... IN SPACE!?
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ooooh, that's sexy.

Thanks a lot for those pictures sasaki, excellent work.
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He does live in Japan.. I think that makes finding a pair somewhat easier. But man, those things look mint. Very cool.

Sasaki, have you tried modding the HP-1 at all?
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Thank's for the review!
I really like your pictures too.
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Hi all, thank you for the comments!

Have a look at my blog entry too. There is another picture.

YAMAHA YH-5M post uploaded - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

> whats next

Could be a pair of YAMAHA HP-1000s, not Grado's

> have you tried modding the HP-1

I've just re-cabled, have not touched inside yet.
I am not a good DIYer
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! Hey were you the one who won it yesterday () ?!!!
Can you please post some sound impressions!!!
Maybe against your HP-1 or other, this is very interesting.
EDIT: Sorry I saw your impressions now. Thats interesting, I think I understand. Can you say if the sound is a little unclear like the HP-1? Or more clearer?

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dude..that thing is smoking hot...how they hell did u manage to get hold ofa pair..
please add your impressions on the ortho thread too
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Originally Posted by Kabeer View Post
! Hey were you the one who won it yesterday () ?!!!
and we were so wanting them

congratulations on owning a pair Sasaki - they are my ultimate dream HP ( forget the HD800 - these are were it is all at !! ) ..dB
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Ah, I did not know another auction had going but actually I got them last year. Just I did not have a time to write the post and pictures.
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looks like a medieval tourture device
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They look a lot more comfortable than baby Stax and some of the full sized orthos. The Fostex T30 looks like a normal headphone but is a torture device. bjarnetv has a mod to make them more comfortable, but I haven't found appropriate pads yet.
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Yes, lot better than SR001. YH-5M is more adjustable to fit well and secure.
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Wow Congratz! Someone actually got their hands on a pair. The way I heard it was they were as rare as the YH1000 and T50v1s.
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Can you compare the sound of the YH-5M to some AKG models??
They look like a monitor hp, maybe the M, it's from monitor. I wonder who they will play in my studio...
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