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Swee Cheng Lee bought my Edition 9 from me a few days ago. I was unsure I wanted to sell the Edition 9, but I needed to make my deposit on a new ZDT amp and Swee Cheng came to my rescue.

The transaction was as smooth as anyone could ask for - with good communication, no haggling over tiny drops in price, super fast "sonic boom" payment with confirmed verified paypal account, and good patience to wait through a blizzard for me to ship them out a day late.

Highly recommended new head-fier, who learned the quick way what "Sorry about your wallet" really means here.
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I bought an ibasso D10 from LeeSC. The shipping was super fast and the communication has been great. I highly recommend him. A great Head-fier. Thanks
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Swee cheng lee bought my Wa6 from me. He is a great person to deal with. He was very nice and has great, fast comunication. I would definately deal with him again.
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Swee bought Trends UD-10.1 from me. Very nice person to deal with, great communication, fast payment, update on delivery. I would not hesitate to to business with him again.

Thanks Swee.
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Swee bought my TWag, he paid super fast and great communication. highly recommended.
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Swee Cheng bought two of my mini to mini cables. Paid very quickly and was excellent with communication. Look forward to working with him in the future.
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Swee Cheng bought a power cable from me. Good communication, fast payment.
A real pleasure to deal with!!
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I bought a P-51 Mustang from Swee and couldn't be happier. Great guy to deal with. Thanks again.
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bought a low profile LOD. excellent communication and great experience all round. thanks!
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I bought A woo audio WA6, in extrem good condition for a very good price from LeeSC and cant say how satisfy i am with this trade. Very nice to deal with, he took the time to meet me in is town at lunch time since i add to be there for a meeting. I realy apreciated the effort put in to keep this amp in a perfect condition.
great guy.
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Sold a low-profile LOD to Swee. Great communication, fast payment. Hope he enjoys!
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sold a dac to leeSC. very easy and pleasant transaction, highly recommended.
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Bought a cable from swee. Through no fault of his, it took a long time to get through the Canadian post, but he was a gentleman throughout.
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Sold me a Null Audio Lune cable, works perfectly and fast shipping.
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Sold a HD600 to LeeSC. Good communication and quick payment.Recommended buyer.

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