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I bought mine from this shop:




Website looked authentic to me and I thought they were located in France so I bought it there (€109). Well turned out they were fake, so put this one on the black list.


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my off specific topic question is, is there any headphone/amp gear on ebay that is legit?
No. Absolutely not. Every piece of headphone/amp gear on ebay is fake.

*rolls eyes*

Come on now, do you have to ask something like that? There are probably hundreds of thousands of audio gear vendors on ebay. Some good, some bad. You can't possibly think ALL of them are bad, do you?

Look at the price of the item, look at the seller's feedback, look at the pictures closely, etc. Use some common sense. If something is "too good to be true" than it probably is.

If you are so worried about fake stuff on ebay, why even bother with Ebay when I (and others above me) have listed legitimate distributor sites to buy from?

Seller is located in Hong Kong, don't bet on it being real.

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Do you people reckon these are legitimate? Pictures and pricing seems good.


Later edit: d'oh, didn't search; thread here says they're legit: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/515360/accessory-jack-com

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Hi all,

          First time i have posted on here,sorry to drag this subject up again but just a quick bit of advice needed. Looking to buy some ath-es7's and have found them on tribaluk.com for 130 quid. I haven't used this site before and was wondering if anyone could offer any info on this. Also found some on Amazon the seller turns out to be tribaluk again, while i appreciate that you can't be 100% safe from fakes does anyone know if this site is legitimate? i'm quite tempted to play it safe and go for some ath-es55's which i can get at my local richier sounds. Would there be a huge difference in sound between the two models?




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The best way to tell a fake is to look at the drivers,


because you want to be sure your real versions havent been swapped on inside with the fake drivers.


I have three es7 and all real.


Look on inside. You should see four RECESSED screws and a single white tape around.


Also you will see that on each of my 3 real headphones,


The LEFT driver has a small taped number applied...


Then you know you have the real deal, AND to BE SHURE, you can open further (dont have to) by unscrewing four screws.


Inside you should ONLY find a round yellowish fibeglass looking material, cut in a flat circle.


You should NOT see any other material like 3m tape or anything else...


Remember only the real drivers have a numbered sticker on the left side.



Edit: The plastic edge with the number is actually where driver sits and fake ones have different plastic setting and without the fiberglass in back of the driver.


Also from what I have seen the fakes are not black grilled and do not have green color in voice coil area.




Also new es7 will sound slightly different than a used one.


The mids  slightly constricted & highs slightly sizzly but not harsh, untill broken in a few days.



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... i'm quite tempted to play it safe and go for some ath-es55's which i can get at my local richier sounds. Would there be a huge difference in sound between the two models?




Sorry but from what I have read elsewhere, the es55 are not in the es7 & es9 league.

Its a step down, not that it's bad, as they are smaller and lighter so more portable.

 I have posted some more conclusions about the es7 sound here

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I bought mine from ebay for $71 AUD and luckily they are real by comparing to the pics on the first page

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just bought a pair on ebay for £80 from 222araxqy


and they are fakes.


I have asked him to refund the money


if not I will use my connections in  the US to find him, and it won't be pretty


he is a crook - avoid



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Hi all


I just recently got my white ES7's. These are my first pair of real headphones and I'm a bit concerned about whether mine are fake. I paid quit a bit for mine $199, however this is the retail price for Australia it seems. 


Some details below (I will upload pictures later if possible):

  • Comes in black box that says 'Made in Japan', 'Fabrique au japon'. However it has a stickered on date as 2012-04
  • Box has the address of main office (in Tokyo), no telephone number though
  • Back with all the details is stuck on, but stuck on very well (very smooth)
  • Middle inner bit of band has a small pin size hole (i've seen some pictures of fake ones that don't)
  • came with the soft velvety grey bag with the tag that has logo on both sides, no printed logo on the bag. The logo on the tag seems printed on. 
  • very easy to adjust the headband
  • recycle sticker on left side of bad, though it doesn't seem like a see through sticker, but a white one
  • the sides and top of the headphones are different (i.e. the sides are burnished)
  • connecting cable is non ridged
  • screws were present
  • cleaning cloth present



It mostly seems real according to what was mentioned in this thread. HOWEVER what was suspicious was:


  • i could't find the warrantee card in the box
  • there were 2 pieces of paper that came with it - one was a 'caution' notice, the other was a disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment, however on the back of this . However, on the back of the second paper (disposal one), there was around 1/2 a page of saying what materials were used  very specifically saying no lead (i assume since I can't read) and a section at the bottom saying 'this explanation is a guidance with the environmental laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China' in english and a few other languages. Why china?


The place where i physically bought this was not on the list of dealers on the official site. However, they did have quite a few different models of audio technica headphones for sale and a few open ones for try, as well as what seemed like real information 'posters'/plastic stands with info on the headphones, what they included and the retail price. They even sold the 'limited edition winter earmuff audio technica headphones' that I saw on the official site (the box was all in japanese). They also had quite a bit of stuff from other brands such as Sennheiser. 


As to audio quality, these are my first real headphones so I can't really tell. Also I've been sick the last 2 days so I can't distinguish between good/bad. 


Would really appreciate your help on whether this is a fake or not! For the most part it doesn't seem like it, but I'm concerned about the lack of warrantee card and the chinese paper...I paid quite a bit for these and would be devastated if these were fake :(


I also noticed the bottom of each page, bottom of box, back of the inner boxing had numbers e.g. 1323 - *****, however these are all different form each other. Are they supposed to be?


Thanks very much for anyone's help!!!!


Sorry if this is a long post

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my post from the official es7 thread:


just got my replacement pair in the mail, but i am astonished at how different the sound sig is from my last pair. my last pair took something like 100 hours of burn in before they had anything resembling bass come out of them. once they were burnt in, though, they were perfect. absolutely stunning. these ones have massive bass straight out of the box, and are much less forward. also, the positioning was better in the last pair... although i am not sure if this is something that changes with burn-in. With the last pair i felt like i could reach out and touch the singer while listening to the album Damnation by Opeth.


the only physical differences between the cans was the plug. this one has a ribbed plug whereas the other pair had a plug that was tapered and smooth all the way to the cord.


edit: i also think the pads are much softer than the ones on my other pair.


also, i got the new ones from Beach Camera on Amazon. I am pretty sure they are real, i am only questioning whether my old pair was real or not. These new ones better match the descriptions of the sound signature i read on here.

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