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I recently bought a second hand Dussun DS99, which is a quite highly respected (budget) speaker amp. I was thinking about buying it's successor T6, which looks like it's almost the same apart from a remote and dedicated buttons for switching sources, when I found an ad selling a DS99 for less then half the money the T6 costs new.

With it's headphone output rated at 60-600 Ω I thought there could be a nice headphone amp inside, but I wasn't ready for what I heard when I plugged in my K701.
I've tried the Heed CanAmp, which I thought sucked arse for it's money, sold it after a month or so.
The Little Dot MKIII isn't that good with the K701 either, I think my Little Dot MKIII is a lot better with Beyer Dynamics DT990 (I like those 2 combined very much).
And guess what? The DS99 has absolutely no synergy with the DT990, it just sucks when I plug those in. So I now have 2 almost perfect sets of HP+Amp

The DS99 doesn't have the tube-3D-depth my MKIII has, it's quite a 2D stereo image, but the amount of transparancy and the balance between instruments is exquisite.

Just my 2 cents $1 (adjusted for inflation)

P.S. my source is a Xindak DAC-5.