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I'm not currently experiencing too much bass bloat with the AKG K240S' I just got today. Driving them off of a Headroom Micro Amp. They sure aren't perfect. Detail, resolution and seperation can't hold a candle to my K701 and K550. 


However these are a much more laid back and easier listen. 


In stock form, I'm honestly, and surprisingly, impressed! 

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I actually did reverse my modification. A bit too lean for me. I prefer them with shure srh-840 pads. A nice combination.
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I just did this mod on one of my monitors. I used the stretchy material from my earplugs to plug the holes on the drivers. I like the outcome with the sound.

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So I'm here again.
I bought a soldering a week ago for guitar stuff and remembered about this mod.
I found that I was able to do it without desoldering any wires.
There was enough wire for me to stick in pieces of dental wax on top of the little arcs in the drivers.
I removed the stickers by using a toothpick in the little indentation on the cup, and used a couple screwdrivers laying around. I also used dental wax that I had leftover from my braces.
I made sure to roll up a nice sized ball so it'd be easy to remove in case I didnt like it.
And I didn't like it. It killed my bass. Like nonexistent now. Im going to open them back up and try covering half of the holes now? Maybe that will make a difference.

EDIT: I'm an idiot.
I just did a/b ing for about 30 mins and couldn't hear the difference anymore. I was listening on my phone. I'm guessing the phone didn't drive the 'phones enough for deep bass, so I thought it was the mods fault. It wasn't.
Giving a listen through a headphone amp shows a CLEAR difference in clarity. No more flab on the low end.

So my advice? Sharpen up a pencil or grab a toothpick, (both worked) get under that sticker and peel it off, remove a couple screws, carefully pull on the gold ring of the cup, slowly so as to not rip one of the wires out of place, and cover up that little arc on the back of the driver. Put the cup back together and repeat for the other ear.

Don't try to do what I did and cover up 'half' of the bass port. One side was noticeably warmer than the other because it had a few more millimeters of wax covering it
Cover the whole thing on both ears and it makes the headphones much CLEARER, and still have bass. And always use a headphone amp for these.
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I know this post is 5 years old, but I just wanted to say thanks for leading me to the fix for why one of my old K240 phones went belly up. In my very small home studio, I try to use the old K240s exclusively because years ago when I was setting up my headphone amp, I wanted all the same phones and chose three of the 240 monitors which have served me well - until one set developed a problem. (It took me a while to find three!)


All of a sudden the highs were down and the lows up; a muddy mess. I read your post about the driver holes and people preferring more bass, etc, which led me to removing the pads and having a look as opposed to retiring them, which I really hated to do, anyway.


Long story short, I never got to the "holes" issue. In removing the coil cover fabric I found that some of the foam backing had deteriorated and pieces had fallen through the grill onto the coil in both the right and left. A few seconds with my vac and pc attachment and I was back in business with the audio clarity I'd come to expect.


Had it not been for your discussion, these old warriors would be hanging in my repair parts area instead of in the studio.


Thanks very much. I hope THIS, too, helps someone in a similar fashion.

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