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I've really been digging my Turbines aside from the **** driver flex in the left 'phone. I guess for $26 I can't complain too terribly much, but it's frustrating as hell to be on the treadmill or whatever and have the sound on the left side cut out, fiddle with it to get it back, only to have it go out again a minute or so later

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So to my huge surprised, they arrived at my door today. I just tried them on now and am playing around with all the tips...I've never before found a tip of an earbud that fit me and stayed in place.

They look great, came with the original box, both pouches, tip holder, clips, control talk remote, fancy inside box, manuals.

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You're in the wrong thread by the way. This is for the standard Turbines, not the Coppers.


This might help you finding a fit with tips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KwXEqe6Gq4

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I've had mine for sometime now and can officially say this earphones rock!  I believe I had a driver flex on me one time. Other than that, these Turbines are very durable. I wore them through rain, sleet, and blizzards, and they're still kicking out the jams. And just like fine wine, their sound improved greatly. These are so good, I'm not even in a hurry to upgrade to the other expensive Turbines. 

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Noob here, first post.  I was close to ordering a pair of SC Titans or S4's before I found this forum and completely read this thread and the thread dedicated to the Coppers.  I just ordered a pair of the Turbines from the Monster Outlet and a set of Sony Hybrid tips.  I'm coming from 2 sets of $10 Sony earbuds, 1 pair I've had for over 10 years and they sound good to me!  But I'm looking forward to using the Turbines and hearing for myself the benefits of high priced/quality earbuds.  Now I'm just worried about their durability and the Monster Outlet says there is only 30 days of warranty (although some are saying 90 days, it does not say that on the website or in the purchasing terms, yes I always read that).  But I figure if I really like them and they break I'll shop around for some Golds or Coppers.  Squaretrade offers a 1 yr. warranty for $9 and 2 yr. for $13, would it be worth it? 

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warranty on turbines is definately worth it. I bought mine from a seller here and i already had to send them in for repair twice. I'm gonna be on my third pair. Dont expect to be getting your pair in the mail any time soon though if you buy new. they told me they are backordered until mid september. probably even later now.
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Yeah I ordered refurbs from the outlet and they already sent me a tracking number.  So I'm probably getting a set of the old batch with the straight plug but for $55 I don't care.  I'm not completely familiar with the squaretrade warranty but I think they just refund what you paid for them instead of having them fixed or replaced so I'm not sure if it's worth it.

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How is the isolation on the Coppers? I would like to purchase these for air travel but I am also considering the Grado GR8s

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you could always call and ask.

IMO the turbines sound amazing but they arent worth the retail price. I got mine second hand for about 60 bucks, shipping included, but have had to send them back twice because of build issues.
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Originally Posted by rage3324 View Post

How is the isolation on the Coppers? I would like to purchase these for air travel but I am also considering the Grado GR8s


Here is the Copper thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/470614/monster-turbine-pro-copper


It's a good read.  From what I've read the isolation is good if you find the right tips which is why I ordered the Sony Hybrids.  I saw some talk about Monster Hybrid tips in a thread that was a few months old but have been unable to find them for purchase.  There are also the Monster super tips which seem to get mixed reviews.  The Shure EA306 silicon tips and the Comply TX400 also seem to be highly recommended for these IEMs.


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where was this thread yesterday :(

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Just if anyone were curious, I called SquareTrade and if the earbuds broke I would have to ship'm to them and they would send me a check for the purchase price and then the warranty would be considered fulfilled.  So it's not a true 1 year of warranty as it would only cover the item until it broke once within 1 yr...  Kind of tricky but probably worth it if these turbines break as much as everyone says they do.

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Just got them yesterday and I'm very impressed.  They rock, I love how they sound.  Mine did come with the straight plug from the Monster Outlet.

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I'm on my second pair because of driver flex and I thought I had it sort of under control. Every few days the left side would flex and the sound would become tiny with a dramatic loss of bass. Today it did it again but even after popping it back in place using a little pressure(gently blowing into the earpiece like I always do) it still sounds different to the right side. The bass isn't quite as punchy and full. 



Wish I never bought these stupid things.




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PM me and ill give you a link to get some brand new turbines for 68.85 from a trusted source. CONUS+APO only...


thanks guy

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