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Camel tins

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I don't know if anybody is interested, but Camel cigarettes is putting out a series of limited edition tin
boxes. They are 50's style advertising with a twist. One of them has a car hop from a drive in diner sitting on
a 57 Chevy but she has in-line skates on. I think there are five different pictures in all. They measure
5/8" high, 3.5" deep, and 3.25" wide and are hinged on the back 3.25" side. I bought a complete set with
one extra, and after I receive and build my World Audio HD83 I might try building an amp in one. They
are a little bit more flimsy than an Altoids tin. They cost $5 apiece here in California, but a lot of
that is tax, might be cheaper in other states. They are probably politicaly uncorrect but they are a
piece of Americana.
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Ideal track to listen to through a Camel amp:

That Cough Came With a Prize - Bloodhound Gang
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