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Philips SHS8000 Premium Sound Earhook Headphones

A big name, ain't it not? But the price is small: less than thirty bucks! I don't have much to compare the SHS8000 to, and I can't describe a sound signature like ClieOS does, but they perform better than any other canalphones I bought at that price or below (I owe way too many cheap canalphones that I've used once then discarded).

The good:

It's comfortable. It stays put when you exercise, even if you roll on the floor and do spinning hook kicks. The seal is okay. At least I do get a seal, which is more than I can say about most other canalphones I own. Actually, up to now, only one other IEM has provided me with a better seal: a $10 Sampo IEM that, alas, I can't find anywhere anymore. [Edit: the RE2 big biflange tips provide me with an even better seal: one that doesn't break if I munch or open my mouth wide.]

The SHS8000 is also very elegant, being made of black plastic, black rubber (for the flexible hook), and actual metal; and instead of being simply painted, the brand and model numbers are discreetly engraved. It also feels solid, and the little adjusting slider for the Y-cord is a welcome addition.

The bad:

Several times, when I removed the SHS8000, it left its silicon tip(s) in my ears. You can scoop them out, but if you're in public, it won't make you look very classy.

The can-be-good, can-be-bad:

It's an open design. There's very little isolation. It means no perceptible microphonics (the ear hooks help, too), and you won't hear yourself chew or stomp quite as much as with closed designs. It makes the SHS8000 safer to run with in the street, and you can talk to people without removing it, but on the other hand, this IEM is less than ideal for the gym, if you need to keep the gym's own music out, or to commute.