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Have had one of these for a few years now.  A great piece of equipment, I love the sound.  


I have had a question now for awhile just never remembered to post it.  If I am using it for 3+ hours (for example) I will notice that it starts to get a bit static-y. I popped the top off and the static stopped.  


The static also stops if I turn it off for a few mins and then turn it back on (though the static returns in this case).  So I am pretty sure its due to heat.  Has this been discussed already?  Has anyone experienced this?  This DAC gets super hot, so not surprising.  What exactly would be heating up and causing the static?


Again a great DAC and I will definitely not part with it, but if there is a mod I could do or something to alleviate the static, I would be most happy.  As it is, I just make sure the top is off and its well ventilated for extended sessions...


Hey there's another user around here! 


I love this little unit still. Whenever I'm in the mood and turn it on, and let 'er warm up. Incredibly holographic imaging. 


I don't believe your specific issue has been discussed. I'm actually having this exact issue with an Audio-GD opamp though! I would message King-wa and hope to get some help there.