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Originally Posted by BokononVolta View Post

Have had one of these for a few years now.  A great piece of equipment, I love the sound.  


I have had a question now for awhile just never remembered to post it.  If I am using it for 3+ hours (for example) I will notice that it starts to get a bit static-y. I popped the top off and the static stopped.  


The static also stops if I turn it off for a few mins and then turn it back on (though the static returns in this case).  So I am pretty sure its due to heat.  Has this been discussed already?  Has anyone experienced this?  This DAC gets super hot, so not surprising.  What exactly would be heating up and causing the static?


Again a great DAC and I will definitely not part with it, but if there is a mod I could do or something to alleviate the static, I would be most happy.  As it is, I just make sure the top is off and its well ventilated for extended sessions...


Hey there's another user around here! 


I love this little unit still. Whenever I'm in the mood and turn it on, and let 'er warm up. Incredibly holographic imaging. 


I don't believe your specific issue has been discussed. I'm actually having this exact issue with an Audio-GD opamp though! I would message King-wa and hope to get some help there.

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Anyone out there still using this bad boy?

Friend may consider selling his Ref One DAC to me or are there better synergy with newer amplifiers?
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Yes, I am. In 2 ways all these years after having sold off the NFB11.32...


1) Feeding this Reference One DAC with a OPPO 83SE ( modded by Sound Affairs ) as a transport. It sounded audibly better with a wider sound stage and more listenable details then it's original player line out. It also sounded more musical.


2) Using my Ibasso DX90 as a transport for all my MP3, Flac dff & dfs file at 24bit / 88.2 khz, which i also find very easy to listen on extended basis.



I have listen to 24 bit /192khz format from my PC sound card and i still find Audio GD DSP1/V5  24/96 format very nice decent to my ears.


I have thought of upgrading to audio GD master 7, but what a waste to chuck away the Reference 1.

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sorry, just gotta chime in and say I love the '56k warning' 


Wow, what a throwback into time!  :D 

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Originally Posted by MLGrado View Post

sorry, just gotta chime in and say I love the '56k warning' 


Wow, what a throwback into time!  :D 


In 2009 I can't imagine anyone was still on 56k though. I think I had DSL in like 1999?

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Hi guys,


Sorry to dig out this old thread .  I am looking for some opinions here and also share some information for the people who are still using and loving this great beast.


Just want to ask is there anybody has converted  the REF1 to NOS model with NOS Ver2 firmware update?  Because  the upgrade need to cut two pins from the DSP board, so it is kind of  hard to revise it back if I don't like the conversion.


Since I need a decent preamp to setup my speaker system, I bought an used Master 11 and tried to sell the ref 1. Unfortunately nobody seems interested this old guy. I am thinking just keep it .


Compared the Master 11's DAC (4 pcs 1704) part with the REF 1,I more like the warmer, relaxer sound signature from the ref1. If just play 44.1k thru Spdif input I think the Ref 1 still is a better DAC over Master 11.  So I was thinking about convert the Master 11 to NOS 11 which has a warmer sound than Master 11. I did some research on the internet, I found some people also  upgraded their Ref 1 to the newest NOS model in Audio-GD's Chinese forum. I confirmed this with Kingwa and purchased the NOS upgrade clock modules and firmware for both Master 11 and Ref 1. Kingwa also told me that I can convert the spdif  input to an I2S input with an external USB interface than I can use this old guy to play 384k.  Some people installed an Amanero USB board instead of other inputs on their ref 7, but I am not sure if this can be done on the older brother ref 1.

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