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Amphora Headphone Amp Impressions

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I have had another head-fier's Amphora arrive today, while he is in Iraq serving our country. It is my job to do the burn-in, listen to it, and let some other local head-fiers like Blutarsky, Sherwood and Naamanf listen to it as well. Then it will go on to some Florida head-fiers for more listening and enjoyment.

The Amphora is beautiful, as you can see from the photos.

Music played (lossless): Patricia Barber "Companion", Helge Lien trio "Hello Troll", Shelby Lynn "Just a Little Lovin", Jack Johnson "Sleep Through the Static", Arvo Part "Tabula Rasa", Wayne Gareth Trio "Shock", Portico Quartet "Black and White Sessions", Tsuyoshi Yamamoto "Smooth Jazz Festival", Diana Krall "Live in Paris", John H. Clarke "Acoustik Guitar".

I am currently comparing the Amphora with iMod vs my iMod > ALO Vcap dock with cryo silver x mini IC and silver/silk LOD > burned-in RSA P-51 Mustang (total almost the same price as Amphora without dock). I did some switching out the P-51 amp for Pico, Predator and iBasso D10 with LTC6241HV opamp as well. I also briefly plugged the P-51 mustang into the pre-amp out of the Amphora with a Soloz 12-strand Litz-braid RCA-mini so I could move back and forth between the two amps, with the iMod as the source. So far, with just 3 hours on it I am really digging this amp. I have tried most of my headphones for a little session with the Amphora, and nothing I have sounds bad with it.

At this early point in the game the Amphora still beats the Pvcap/Mustang rig with my woodied recabled D2000. Basically these phones are like a re-cabled D5000 since the cups and cable were the only difference between D2000 and D5000, in reality they sound better than a markl modded D5000 or a stock D7000. The Denon and Amphora were made for each other - end of story.

With Sennheiser HD600 the two rigs are approximately tied, but with the Sennheiser IE8 the Amphora is noticeably better than the Vcaps/Mustang or other amps.

With Grado RS-1 and bowls the Mustang is a little warmer and more pleasant sounding, but the Amphora is not bad at all and really shines when I switch the pads to flats.

With ATH-ESW10JPN the Amphora is a clear winner, being more transparent and neutral, while the Vcaps/Mustang gives them a warmer slant with a slightly edgier sound.

With my Edition 9 the Amphora also sings as well as it does with the D2000, and the Edition 9 that I have been thinking about selling suddenly sound like they are worth keeping. The Amphora is simply cleaner and more transparent with my APS V3 Edition 9 than the Pvcap/Mustang or any of my other portable amps.

With my Westone ES3X IEM the Amphora wins again for most transparent sound. With the music paused or no iMod plugged in I have noticed there is a very very slight low-level hiss on the Amphora with these very sensitive 124dB/mw custom IEM. This hiss is not bad and is about the same low background level as with the Apogee Duet, so it doesn't interfere with the music at all or in any way. NOTE: The volume knob is a joy to use even with highly sensitive IEM.

As I listen to this thing I start to become more attached to it. As a matter of fact, I am already working on selling some stuff to buy one for myself.

EDIT 11:00 PM -- As I spend more time with the Amphora, the hiss with Westone ES3X is a little more noticeable between songs than I initially thought, but it is still not heard during the music playing except between tracks. It does not change or increase with the volume knob or input selection or when no source is plugged in, and also appears on the P-51 or external amp when the amp is connected to the pre-amp out of the Amphora. Normal listening with the Goldpoint volume knob on low gain with ES3X is about 10-11 o'clock = 8-10 clicks up from zero. The hiss is not heard in the music once I get past the first 2 clicks and onto the 3rd click of the Goldpoint. Quiet listening volumes for going to sleep would be above that level at 3-4 clicks on the volume knob. With a Shure volume attenuator I don't have to roll the volume control on the Shure more than about 2-3 mm to make it quiet. With the Shure attenuator the normal volume listening with the ES3X occurs with the Goldpoint at 11-12 o'clock instead of at 10-11 o'clock without it. So, the 2-3 mm roll on the Shure volume means about 2 clicks more needed on the Goldpoint for the same music volume.

My impressions of the Amphora are still very favorable, as it is the best sounding portable amp in the house right now, and it is still relatively fresh out of the box. I wont know how much burn-in will affect the sound until I hear how it might change over the next 10 days. I have found it sounds even better when using my Macbook with the Pico DAC/amp as source, or my iBasso D10 optical DAC to feed it. Studio Masters 24/96 recordings out of the Macbook via optical DAC are impressive. I will try it later with my PS Audio Digital Link III DAC or Apogee mini-DAC as my source.

3/21/09 - 11:55AM: I charged the Amphora for 3 hours last night, and resumed burn-in on it around 3AM. I like Zimm's Amphora that I have here enough that I confirmed with KB last night that I want to buy one for myself.

It continues to open up and has almost 17 hours on it total, out of the 100-200 hours needed for burn-in.

3/25/09 - 1:17AM: I was thinking about selling my IE8 and Edition 9 before using them with the Amphora, but now I am not so sure I need to sell them at all. Amphora has about 65 hours on it as of midnight. I had it locked away in my suitcase for part of the day Monday and Tuesday, or I'd have over 90 hours on it already. Must keep it protected from hotel housekeeping...

3/25/09 - 10:22PM: I am back home tonight from a 4 day spring break trip, and got to listen with my ES3X again. I have to be honest that I am noticing the background hiss to be a little more pronounced than I recall hearing right out of the box, regardless of whether with a nice DAC via line-in or via iMod (or with no source connected).

I wasn't noticing very much hiss at all on my spring break with the IE8 or Phonak Audeo in the hotel room (and none with full size cans), but my Westone ES3X and Livewires 124dB/mw customs do need the Shure volume attenuator with the volume knob rolled only about 2-3 mm to wipe out the background hiss. I'll have to run out to my car to get my Westone 3 later to try again and listen for hiss. I only hear the hiss between songs or when paused and not above the music, but I can see how it can get to you knowing it is there with very sensitive IEM.

I am thinking that I might want to send a spare attenuator to Ken to install internally on the 1/8" jack. Then I can open the bottom of the amp and set it and leave it alone without looking at it or losing it. But the sound quality of my Edition 9, modded Denon and ESW10 with the Amphora is so good that I may consider the amp even just for those alone. In my living room rig where I plan to have the Amphora, IEM are not practical because I need a 6-10 foot cable, and my 4-foot APS V3 extension and 4-foot Cable pro panorama are too heavy for using with iEM.

At the moment the only dynamic amp in the living room rig next to my Woo GES is a head-direct EF1 which has poor channel balance at low volumes with IEM, too high gain for IEM, and at zero volume the music still comes through with IEM - so the Amphora is a big step up from that. I'll admit that if high sensitivity IEM will be the ONLY thing you listen to with the Amphora, that you likely will want to get a volume attenuator or a P-S adapter. But not all IEM demonstrate a bothersome level of hiss with it - It is mostly an issue with my customs, and 95% of the time I use the customs on my laptop rig with a small DAC/amp combo or with my iMod as a portable. However, when traveling with it at my bedside or at a desk, I may want to use it with IEM more. So, it can be an issue in those cases - but I have found no other issues of concern other than this so far. You mileage may vary.

3/25/09 - 11:20PM:

I am listening to the 70 hour Amphora with BOTH my woodied recabled D2000 and APS v3 cabled Edition 9 connected at the same time, and the Amphora doesn't flinch at all with two low impedance phones at the same time. My Single Power Square Wave XL cannot do this without the sound being affected negatively. But the Amphora's sound does not change when I am listening to one phone and plug a second one into it - it is rock solid.

The Amphora is so good with the Denon and Edition 9 that I am this close " " to canceling my interest check about selling my Edition 9. With Diana Krall "Live in Paris", while the modded D2000 gives me a spot in the audience that is farther back than the Edition 9 with the performance seeming to be in a larger venue, the Edition 9 portrays the vocals and mids in an engaging way that the D2000 simply cannot approach. I just don't need both sets of closed cans... do I? What a dilemma, huh?

3/27/09 - 10:33PM

I have 106 hours on the Amphora now, and tonight I tried the Grado RS-1 again.

The Amphora is most definitely better with the RS-1 after some burn-in than it was out of the box. The iMod/Pvcaps/Mustang no longer has the slight lead that it held previously with RS-1. (this is still with the flats that I installed on the RS-1 back on the first day). With some pianos the Amphora is actually now ahead with the RS-1.

The goal is 200 hours of burn-in per KB. It will get charged tonight when it reaches 110 hours, then I'll continue burn-in tomorrow morning and maybe even see how long the battery lasts before it dies. I have not let it run more than about 24 hours before charging it, just to be sure it wouldn't die while I was out and about. I am doing much of the burn-in and listening with my Macbook > iBasso D10 optical > mini-RCA > Amphora, since the iMod doesn't last more than 14 hours on a charge while the D10 charges via USB and can stay topped off.

The sound signature and soundstage between these 2 sources is actually very similar when using the same lossless music (diana krall live in paris for example), with maybe about 1dB more output volume when I switch from the D10 to the iMod as source. I am not about to do a D10 vs iMod review, but the iMod is clearly above the quality of line out from a normal iPod. The D10 with native 24/96 files via optical does pull away by a small margin, but the iMod with Vcaps is pretty darn nice, especially with the Amphora.

3/28/09 - 11:50PM

I took the Amphora to meet Blutarsky for a quick listen. With the APS v3 cabled woodied HF-1 he also likes Amphora better than the RSA P-51 Mustang. He felt it was smooth and transparent (shoulda asked if he thought it was creamy), while the P-51 he felt was brighter and more aggressive.

But he thought the TTVJ Portable Millett Hybrid was on a similar level of great sound or enjoyment. I tend to agree that the TTVJ is phenomenal with Grados, but it is a little too bassy with A900 or D2000 or Edition 9, and he didn't get to try the TTVJ with those (he just wanted the TTVJ for his Grados anyway).

I wish we'd had more time to compare them, but I was delivering the HF-1 and TTVJ to him (among other things) and picking up his O2 Mk1 for myself in trade, with my wife impatiently waiting out in the car. So, we had to keep it short.

3/30/09 - 5:57PM

The Amphora ran for over 38 hours on a charge with music playing at normal levels with the Denon D2000, before running out of juice this afternoon. And it now has over 150 hours on it and sounds very refined and transparent.

Will update again later!

4/1/09 - 11:53PM

The Amphora has almost 190 hours on it now, and I am really enjoying it. I have been listening to my woodied recabled D2000 with it on and off all day long, and they just sound so transparent and unlike a closed can right now.

I like Zimm's loaner Amphora enough that I paid for and had my own Amphora shipped out today. This is basically going to replace my EF1 that was in my living room rig next to my Woo GES (The EF1 had replaced the DV336i because it had better synergy with D2000 and RS-1). I have my whole living room rig centered around my PS Audio Digital Link III and Woo GES, with the EF1 looped out of the GES as an after thought.

So I've come up with a whole new plan for my rig out there. I elected to not get the iMod dock version and just use my DLO Homedock HD with my iMod and Amphora, which will charge my iMod or iPod. I'll feed the DLO RCA out into the Amphora 1/8" input (ALO SXC mini-RCA). And I'll feed the PS Audio Digital Link III into the Amphora's RCA inputs. Then I can easily switch between my iMod or DL3. I have several digital sources to pick from - the Airport Express, DLO dock optical out, Samsung DVD/CD, or my Macbook Pro.

I'll use my Isomax XLR>RCA transformer to take the XLR out of the DL3 and feed the signal to my Woo GES which has a pair of RCA inputs but no XLR. I can feed the Amphora's pre-amp out into the GES's other set of inputs. Then when listening to the GES I could also switch that amp between listening to the iMod through Amphora or listening to the PS Audio (either through the Amphora or bypassing it).

So, I can lay on the couch listening to any of my cans, and with my iPhone I can control my iTunes library playing through the Airport Express, or use the DLO remote to control the iMod.

Should be sweet.

4/2/09 - 10:39PM

The Amphora and ESW10 synergy is great. I have tried the iMod with iMod LOD>RCA with no pop/noise issues, except for a brief moment when the hibernating iMod was powering up and the Amphora just came off charging, where the volume knob had a quiet popping as I rotated the knob up and down. But only for about 3 seconds and once the iPod via iMod cable was powered up the knob would not repeat the noise.

I don't have a non-iMod LOD-RCA to try. And this amphora has a built in dock without the 1/8" input, so I can't try any of my non-iMod LOD-mini cables till mine arrives this weekend. With the iMod Blackgates LOD>RCA feeding the Amphora, there is very little change from using the built-in dock. At first I wanted to say slightly more bass and slightly less transparency with the cable having the blackgates in it, but after switching back and forth 5 or 6 times I find the differences very minimal.

I posted my thoughts earlier in the thread about the ES3X with attenuator and the sound is great. I decided not to permanently mod my Amphora with an internal attenuator on the 1/8" plug. Since the ES3X and Livewires sound fine with the external attenuator and all my full size phones have been recabled with a 1/8" plug, I don't need the attenuator permanently in-line with my full size cans. I do not need the attenuator with the Senn IE8 or W3. Although there is a slight hiss with them at the level of what I get from my macbook headphone out, they are useable without it (the W3 slightly more hiss than the IE8). The attenuator does help them go silent, so it is useful. The hiss was not a deal breaker, so I went through with the purchase that I had planned since my first 24 hours with the Amphora.

I am shipping my Westone 3 to Vinnie today, and he will listen to the background hiss, and send them to Ken Ball to listen to as well. I told him to expect another 2-3dB of hiss with the ES3X or Livewires, vs what he hears with the W3. I didn't want them to spend $400 on a sensitive IEM for testing, when I have so many here that I can live without W3 for a few weeks.

04-02-2009, 11:31 AM

On another note - using my modded re-cabled D2000:

1) Comparing the iMod via built-in dock as source vs my CD/Apogee rig.

I use a Marantz CD5001 > Synergistic Research Active Powered Shielding COAX > Apogee mini-DAC > ALO SXC mini-RCA > the Amphora (basically $2000 source including cables and Sigma 11 PSU). Both were playing the exact same Diana Krall "Live in Paris" album. I used the volume pot on the Apogee to match the volume levels of the Apogee output to the iMod output levels. I had the two sources synchronized so well that there was NO discernable jump in the music when switching between the two sources.

The Apogee mini-DAC was slightly better in depth and detail and treble extension, but the iMod with lossless was impressively close. To the untrained ear some people would have denied any differences between the two sources. I can hear the differences (like maybe the Piano was slightly more forward with the iMod, and the Apogee was slightly more refined with the piano), but I was surprised at how well the iMod with Vcaps in the Amphora sounded vs the CD rig. My iMod cost $500 including the iPod, and plugged into the Amphora I would guess that it comes within 90-95% of the $2000 CD rig. (I know some people hate percentages, but it helps). Basically the iMod Vcap dock built into the Amphora is almost as good as the Jensen Copper Foil Cap iMod dock that I compared to the Apogee last year. To get a headphone amp into the dock for only a couple hundred more is impressive.

2) Comparing the Amphora single ended out of the Apogee mini-DAC vs the Single Power Square Wave XL balanced ($1249) via XLR out of the Apogee.

The Sq Wave was the amp I used to listen to the Jensen dock vs Apogee last year. So in this comparison I had both amps running at the same time out of the Apogee's SE and balanced outputs. I used my modded D2000 as before - with 4-pin XLR plug and the APS V3 4-pin to SE adapter in the Amphora, and plugged my APS V3 4-pin to dual XLR balanced adapter into the Single Power. I then matched the volumes of the two amps. I took the 4-pin jacks from the cable adapters into my hand, closed my eyes an mixed them up so I would not know which amp was which when I was listening.

I could not reliably pick which amp I was listening to. One time I thought one was more spacious and energetic and guessed it was the balanced amp but it was the Amphora. I mixed them up again and listened for that same sound, to tell the difference in the amps, and when I thought I was listening to the Amphora again I found it was actually the single power this time. They both sounded excellent, and too close to call.

With HD600 the advantage goes to the Sq Wave, especially balanced, but I wasn't kidding when I said the Amphora was a perfect match for the Denons. It was also a perfect match for the Edition 9, and if I hadn't sold the Ed 9 to help pay for my HD800 I'd be regretting the sale right now.

04-05-2009, 11:58 PM

I want to add to my comments about single ended HD600 on Amphora vs balanced HD600 off the Single Power balanaced Square Wave XL with Blackgate upgrade. While the advantage goes to the balanced rig as I stated above, I am still surprised at how much more transparent the HD600 sound now with 250 hours on the amp than they did when it was pretty new. Those with HD600 do not have to avoid the Amphora as I was worried about initially.

I had a Headamp Gilmore Reference Amplifier here for a several week loan a few months ago, and I compared to my Sq Wave back in January. While the Gilmore Reference was quite close to the Sq Wave with the D2000 and Edition 9, it was not as good with the Grados or HD600 as the Sq Wave or WA6. And now after comparing the Amphora to the SP and Woo, I believe the Amphora would top the Gilmore with the RS-1 and HD600 as well. So, I like the Amphora more than a Gilmore Reference, and about as much as my Single Power balanced Square Wave XL with everything but HD600 and K1000, but slightly less than my maxed WA6 (my favorite).

For a lark I tried my new K1000 on the Amphora (with my 4-pin to SE adapter) and on the Single Power balanced. Up to the volume limit of the Amphora there was no clipping and the sound was clear, just not as loud as I would like to normally listen to them. With the balanced rig the sound signature was very similar to the Amphora, with the big difference being the volume and dynamics with the amp turned up. What I am finding is that the detail, transparency, imaging, separation and soundstage of the single ended Amphora is close to that of a more costly balanced Square Wave XL with most of my headphones.

Other than the Sq Wave having more power for HD600 and K1000 when using most of the typical head-fi headphones, there are not a lot of other reasons to recommend the balanced Single Power over the single ended Amphora (particularly with all the poor SP customer service reports).
(1) They both drive two headphones at the same time, but the Amphora can drive two low impedance phones at the same time without flinching and the Sq Wave XL struggles to do that.
(2) They both have outputs on the rear, but the SP is a simple loop out that doubles as an SE input, and the Amphora is a pre-amp out.
(3) The Amphora allows two sources to be connected at the same time, and switched in and out - while you can connect a source to the Sq Wave RCA or to the XLR but not at the same time (as the other input acts like a loop out).
(4) If you connect two sources to the single power at the same time (even with only one playing music) then the sound suffers as the Sq Wave tries to send the signal from one source via loop-out into the other source - I suppose this messes up the input impedance.
(5) The Amphora has a very nice Goldpoint attenuator and a gain switch, while the Sq Wave uses two very tiny volume knobs for left and right that are difficult to use and you must take some time to match the volume of each channel whenever you adjust the volume (I have to use my mini-DAC as a pre-amp to avoid the issue).
(6) The Sq Wave, while smaller than the Amphora, is larger as a package when you weigh in the huge power brick, so it is not as transportable as the Amphora (which runs on battery).

So, I will be sending Zimm's Amphora to mrarroyo in a couple of days, as I now have my own Amphora here to play with. Blutarsky got to listen to this Amphora/iMod a week ago and liked it more than the iMod/Vcaps/P-51 Mustang (using woodied APS V3 cabled HF-1). Later Naamanf, Sherwood and Asr will get to hear my Amphora, so I don't need to hold onto the extra one.

Zimm - Thanks so much for the short loan (which was going to be for another month or longer), and the opportunity to burn it in and post my findings before I got mine! KB knew I had expressed interest before the release, and I'm glad he held the one that I wanted for me until I could sell off some stuff to pay for it.
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Originally Posted by sbulack View Post
Lamenthe, when you've burned in the Amphora and listened to it enough to know that your assessment is holding true over time, would you let us know the names of your favorite portable amps from which the Amphora is such a substantial step up?
Will do. As the burn-in is now, I'm enjoying the Amphora more than my iQube and RSA P-51 Mustang (my favorites). I can't say how it does versus amps of same or similar price points though as I've been mostly portable until now.

Originally Posted by fkclo View Post
Thanks Larry, for the quick impressions.

I have just put my name for a Bird's Eye Special Edition. I look forward to using the Amphora with my iPod >> ASi modified iTransport >> Chord QBD 76 or my Level III modd DAC3.

F. Lo
Wow, please post lots of pictures when you receive it . I would have gladly put down a little extra cash if I had known custom wood could be requested. I guess I should have asked
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Dear Amphora owners,

Please do post your impressions and thoughts via this thread.


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I charged the Amphora for 3 hours last night, and resumed burn-in on it around 3AM. I like Zimm's Amphora that I have here enough that I confirmed with KB last night that I want to buy one for myself.

It continues to open up and has almost 17 hours on it total, out of the 100-200 hours needed for burn-in.
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Stunning looking amplifier!
Thanks for the impressions, and not to forget the beautiful pictures.
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Sorry about your wallet Larry.
The next six months (with a possible extension) can't go by fast enough.
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Originally Posted by Zimm View Post
Sorry about your wallet Larry.
The next six months (with a possible extension) can't go by fast enough.
I could always ship yours to Iraq for you, after I get one
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Just came back from Queens, where I heard the Amphora briefly and had a nice chat with Vinnie. Only heard two songs on it - a Fleet Foxes track "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" and a track from Thom Yorke's Eraser LP - so bear in mind, this is barely an initial impression. But they are songs I know very well. Robin Pecknold from the Fleet Foxes uses a lot of reverb, like Jim James from My Morning Jacket, so the vocals, on lesser amps & many portable amps, sound syrupy and overly warm. Nothing of that sort. The sound out of the K701s was stellar, almost creamy through the midband extending into lower treble (a weird adjective to use for K701s, as I'm sure a lot of you know!) yet not muddled, with the clarity of musical line well delineated. It would be a good amp even if it's JUST for those people who are frustrated about their K701s sounding shrill or bright. I kept thinking about how it would mate with my ESW10JPN or the LA7000s that I have for review. Amphora, in my limited listening time, still made an imprint on me with a sound that was smooth, and "analogue-warm." I only heard music and not electronics.

Still, I'll have to reserve my judgment until I run some Richard Strauss or Stravinsky through the Amphora, see how it handles more violent and dynamically volatile material, like the explosion of the gran cassa in The Rite of Spring, which is a litmus test for sure...

And as the object of desire: hits that sweet spot. Very well made, and almost seems like an aesthetic object from a different era. Neatly portable so that you can tote this thing EASILY in your messenger bag, to & from your office. As a transportable/office amp, it may be unbeatable.

I tip my hat to both Ken & Vinnie, as they've outdone themselves here.
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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post
I could always ship yours to Iraq for you, after I get one
LOL! No thanks, I can wait It's hard keeping the gear I have over clean, and I don't want anything to happen to the amp. A package that I had shipped over here has been misplaced and my unit is still looking for it.

BTW Larry, what #/100 is my amp?
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Originally Posted by Zimm View Post
LOL! No thanks, I can wait It's hard keeping the gear I have over clean, and I don't want anything to happen to the amp. A package that I had shipped over here has been misplaced and my unit is still looking for it.

BTW Larry, what #/100 is my amp?
It is #004/100
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Several times now, the term "creamy" has been used by different people to describe the sound of the Amphora. This is not a term that I already know in relation to sound. Can someone help me out, and describe the sonic attributes summarized by the term "creamy". Are there examples of pieces of audio equipment which are generally agreed to produce a creamy sound that can be offered (with more widely-known a sound than the Amphora)? My interest is not purely academic. I'm on the waiting list for an iMod/iPod Walnut Amphora. Since several folks now have chosen this term, creamy, to describe the sound of the Amphora, I'm really curious about what is meant by it. What's nice here is that I can always just wait until my Amphora arrives and hear for myself. I'd prefer to ask and know sooner, though. Thanks very much for help that any of you can offer me with the meaning of this term in relation to describing audio in general, or more specifically the sound of the Amphora.
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Originally Posted by sbulack View Post
Several times now, the term "creamy" has been used by different people to describe the sound of the Amphora. This is not a term that I already know in relation to sound. Can someone help me out, and describe the sonic attributes summarized by the term "creamy".
Hi, sbulack. I guess the best way to describe is by going with antonyms... I don't know about others, but when I said 'creamy,' I meant the opposite of etched, artificially hi-fi, hi-rez sounding. In terms of gear, I'd probably use that term typically for tube or quality vintage gear... you know how a lot of CDPs that use vintage Philips TDA1541A chips can sound so much more musical (if implemented right) than mega upsampling players? That's what I mean. Effortlessly musical, liquid and fluent.
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Originally Posted by ghostmusic View Post
Hi, sbulack. I guess the best way to describe is by going with antonyms... I don't know about others, but when I said 'creamy,' I meant the opposite of etched, artificially hi-fi, hi-rez sounding. ... Effortlessly musical, liquid and fluent.
Thank you, ghostmusic. Your careful, thoughtful explanation pretty much gives me what I wanted to know until I can hear the Amphora for myself when it arrives.
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Good call.

Also here is an excellent glossary also.

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I understand that the Amphora is battery power, but can we get some comparison to non-portable amps?
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