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Official March 21st NYC Meet Thread  

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Figure I would open the thread live from the meet. I was able to jump on the hotel's wifi with my Nokia N810. People are still setting up and I'm already seeing a sick amount of mouth-watering kit! More later.
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Where's the impressions, where's the pictures?

C'mon guys, stop slacking!
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I am ready for pictures and impressions!
So just bring them on...
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pics pics pics pics
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Cmon!! You guys at the meet should have nothing better to do than to put up impressions and pictures! Get a life will ya....

Better post something quick or I'm going down there myself
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While we wait for more impressions and photos, make sure to check out erikzen's "Tweets from the Meet" in the column.
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Hey guys. I think I left a cd there. It is Gui Borrato / Chromophobia. It is black with yellow and red. Please PM me if you have it and I'll send money to mail it to me. Thanks! As for the meet... another terrific gathering of Head-Fi'ers and awesome gear. I didn't bring a camera so sorry - everyone else will have to wait for pics.
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Talk about a bunch of low end crap!

Auction a complete scam .

Low end crap galore on every table. These guys call this a head fi meet and I did not see one set of apple buds?

Pure horsesh_t!

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There should be many more from others as there were quite a few with cameras.

Here are some from what I took.

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Some really good brownies and not much left of them!
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did the PS1000 or HD800's make an appearance ?
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Originally Posted by kelvinz View Post
did the PS1000 or HD800's make an appearance ?
Sadly, no.
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Originally Posted by 2deadeyes View Post
There should be many more from others as there were quite a few with cameras.

Here are some from what I took.
Great pics! And great meet! Sans camera, so from those pics here are my impressions (and thanks to Aaron and SiBurning and gang for hosting another great NYC regional, and entertaining auction!

Jpelg wearing the Darth Grados. I'm sooo glad after all this time, there's still a timeless standard for audio quality that these things uphold. At Woo Audio's station, I was checking out the New Hotness - the recabled K701 into a balanced tube amp - killer soundstage, the AKG's inherent sibilance countered with the tube's warmth, a fun and overwhelming extravaganza of Can. But my modded HP2s through that Woo single ended tube amp all the way to the left (forgot the name, it's the one with the monster big tube in it)

Edit found it, it's the Woo WA6-SE:

WooAudio6 Special Edition - Single-ended Triode Class-A Tube Headphone Amplifier, Output Transformer Coupled

It brought out the best qualities of the old school Joe Grado sound - intimacy, immediate transients, sounding Real instead of wow-hyperreal. The soundstage was like 5 minutes in heaven with whoever that girl was who was singing on that track (ingrid michaelson?) - the K701 was like the sydney opera house performing mannaheim steamroller.

But this one, Ari's homemade tube amp with 6SN7s, really surprised me. It had the best placement i've heard from my cans, you could totally hear where around your noggin (or where inside your skull) that maraca shake was happening very specifically, and it was balanced towards detail, which was a very clean but not sterile presentation that was a nice complement to...

The MELOS. Lookit this pair. The classic matchup with Grados. The one on top was modded by Ari, the bottom is Bozebutton's carlo-modded beast. The one on bottom is the classic signature i know and love, very similar to mine at home (but more so) - just that joe grado warmth and intimacy but with serious PRAT in the bass, and reality in spades. Ari's was like John Grado's take on the MELOS sound - it came busting out the gate with far more impact and bass and forwardness and pretty much a Hard Rock approach. it emphasized a more commercial appeal without becoming cartoonish, and took more advantage of the good side of solid state in this tube hybrid beast.

So there you go, I found a new DIY, new mod, and new commercially available amp trio, all which i would happily have as a complement to my MELOS to go with the Darth Grados - but not a replacement, the carlo-modded MELOS still holds its own with what it does (and does well). Plus, a new healthy respect for what you can do to wring out the best from a K701. That HD800 better watch out once the inevitable balanced recabling and tube ampage hits it from the Head-fi community!

Good seeing everyone again! And darn it I really wanted those PK1 buds!
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Great Meet! There was a little bit of everything for everyone today. Thanks to Aaron for organizing everything. And thanks to the Vendors and other attendees for their donations to the auction.

Also, my Dad had a great time, and it looks like I'll be putting together a system for him. He looks forward to attending another Meet in the future. Thanks to all for welcoming another newbie into the fold.

Impressions later, but for the moment...BHSE=BADASS.
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Originally Posted by 2deadeyes View Post

Waiting to hear about THIS ^^^^

Originally Posted by 2deadeyes View Post
Can't comment on this ^^^
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