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Let's have a eurobeat thread!

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Yes, there was another eurobeat thread, but it was last bumped in 2006 or something so I thought a new thread might be in order.

Anyone else listen to the stuff? I had stopped listening for a while but I just started again and I've found why I started listening in the first place. I got super eurobeat vol. 30-180 in multiples of 10 in the foobar playlist right now, and am thoroughly enjoying the older stuff. I also find it brings out the sibilance in cans more so than the other stuff I listen to. I guess that can be good and bad. . . .

Oh, and yes I know some people dislike eurobeat. Don't start trolling here about it, go make a 'genres that suck' thread or something like that.
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Aside from an extensive collection of Initial D soundtracks, I don't listen to much Eurobeat. Some of the stuff I heard (Fastway was a great example) was amazing, while I found most to be sub-par. However, I do have a thing for the super speedy stuff.
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^^ I love Initial D soundtracks! But never had any other eurobeat experience. Any suggestion?
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Super eurobeat. It's basically a collection of most all of the eurobeat ever made. They've been doing releases since 1990 and I think the latest volume is 192(?), something in the low 190s. IIRC, every song in initial D was in super eurobeat.

But yeah, out of all the eurobeat ever made, only about 15% of it is good. :\
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love that cheesy yet uplifting and memory evoking eurobeat, i have had ice mc, captain america and dj bobo crop up on my playlist several times today!!

listening to more and more by captain american now
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I don't really know what eurobeat is, could you list a few of the best artists and albums/singles within the genre?
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There are very few artist released albums in eurobeat, it is almost entirely multi artists compilations. (Super eurobeat, eurobeat flash, that's eurobeat, etc.)

If you can find a copy of super eurobeat that is a multiple of 10 (i.e. 80, 110, 170), try that. Every 10 albums since vol. 30 they have done a large megamix. Every one since vol. 100 has had at least 100 songs on 2 disks, with some of them having another mix on a 3rd disk. These are also likely to be the made up of the 'better' eurobeat songs, especially the countdowns.

From what I remember vol. 170 and 180 had really good mixes on both disks, and were released somewhat recently, so you might be able to find them on ebay or the sort. The other ones that stand out in my memory are vol. 30, 40 (Both of those are a bit more italio disco due to their age) 80 (both disks), 90 disk 2, 100 disk 1 & 2, 110 disk 2, 120 disk 1, 130 disk 2, 140 disk 3, and 160 disk 2. Last time I listened to 190 I don't think I liked it all that much, but I need to listen to it again sometime soon.

Also, most of the eurobeat songs used in initial D were the good sort, if you can find one of those compilations your bound to get some good songs on it.
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i prefer the early italoish eurobeat.
sophie, Norma Sheffield and rose in particular.
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No more eurobeat fans? Madness!

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