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4-pole 3.5mm Y adapter?

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Hey guys. I was wondering about something. For gaming, in order to use a PC headset or headphones with a desktop mic with a popular DH mixamp from Astrogaming, you need a 3.5mm splitter to turn the 2 jacks into 1. However you don't need just any type of splitter, you need a 4-pole one because of the mic part. I've looked around and can't find any place besides astro selling them, and they only sell it with the purchase of the mixamp. I took a quick look on Maplin, and they have the terminals for 4-poles, but i'm not sure what cable i would need. i think it might be this one
4-Core Overall Lapped Screen > Maplin

but if it is, are there any other kinds of this that are smaller? the jack that they sell there has a maximum cable width of 4mm.

And I've seen a few tutorials on making wires, but how exactly do you make a Y adapter? I'm hoping this is the right area for these questions. Any answers would be very appreciated(or even a link to premade 4-poles so this entire mess can be avoided haha)
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I am trying to imagine what you are trying to do but i can't.

but ima through this out there, would 2 Y-Splitters in series work?
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You are talking about this right?

Astro Gaming | Professional Gaming Equipment | Product Detail | A40 MixAmp™

Says this is included:

Dual Jack-to-3.5mm 4-pole Adapter
This adapter will enable the use of any standard 3rd party headset with
separate microphone and audio jacks with the A40 MixAmp™. The ASTRO
Gaming A40 Headset combines audio and microphone signals into a single
cable - and a single connector for a simple, clean connection. You don’t need
to use an adapter when using an A40 Headset.
Important: You will need to use this adapter to use any non-ASTRO headset.
For the cable part, Starquad/Mini-Starquad from Canare or Mogami should work.

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yes, i'm talking about that cable.

and i don't follow you. direct links would be appreciated

and then....maybe a link to a walk through on creating a y splitter hehe
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here is a link to cable in HK and to the USA its $10(astrogaming wants $10 plus $10 grnd shipping..its total BS to charge $20 for the stupid cable)

3.5mm 4-pole Splitter Y-Adapter Cable for AV Video Lead on eBay (end time 21-Mar-10 05:26:29 GMT)
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This thread is now sort of irrelevant since the adapter is now available from multiple sites. Thank you guys though
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I am looking for the famale to two male adapter, or how to make my own. 


Anyone know, please PM me. 



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