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I have had no reason to inquire about resistors and such.  I am not really

an audiophile. I just dig music. Pure Music on a Mac Mini, through an Empirical

Audio Turbo and a Berkley Alpha DAC, to the Leben CS300 (the one with

no X's or whatever) delivers the goods to HD800 cans.  It also does beautifully

driving my Rosinante SIgnature IIs--little known speakers, and now rather old,

that will compete withanything I have heard in the $6000-$8000 range.

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I am such a muppet....!....


I didn't realise this amp has the 5751 feeding 2 EL84's!... oops! ( per channel )

Fitted my Siemens Triple mica 5751's and the difference is staggering... so much more detail / space... tonally more 'musical' can I say and they are not even broke in yet!


Now... what about those EL84's guys.... what's my wish list for those!?


Many thanks guys, am really surprised the difference this has made to my system.

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Ordered some Amperex Bugle Boy's in the end :)

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That's a very good choice! I also really liked the black plate Sylvania 6BQ5's, so deep your eyes peeled for those too.
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Originally Posted by MartinM View Post

Ordered some Amperex Bugle Boy's in the end :)

They are the finest el84's IMHO...when paired with the Raytheon windmill getter or 7729's. Utterly immersive experience.


If you like your music with a bit more energy and drive, then the Sylvania BP 6BQ5 with the Sylvania 5751 BP are great too.


I use both combinations depending on the type of music.

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je possède un leben cs3300xs avec un casque sennheiser hd800.

peut on écoute le casque sans les câbles d'enceintes branchés sur le leben ?


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I own a leben cs300xs with Sennheiser HD800 headphones. 
is that one can listen the headphone without  speaker cables connected to the leben?

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