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Thanks dminches!


Suggestions for general info sites are also welcome.

As well as specific types / brands / versions / models for the input stage.

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The CS-300 should still be able to develop full power output when using a 5751 input tube without problem.
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Dminches, how do you compare Leben and the taboo?
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The taboo is a very nice amp but the Leben is more detailed. It develops a wider soundstage although the lucid mode is nice in the taboo.
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Thanks. I've been looking for this comparison for awhile. I like detail, so I guess I stay with Leben.
But you have both. What do you think that Taboo does better? More power, I guess?
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in some specific genre or recording, Taboo 3+new Lucid mode is hard to beat.

but under normal circumstances I will vote for CS300,

CS300 is more airy, smoother and more lively sound, but Taboo 3 got better bass, CS300 is a little boomy compared to Taboo. 

if $$$ is not an issue, I will keep both.



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Nice comparison mmlogic. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by RedBull View Post

I think Leben headphone out comes with 2 variants, less powerful and more powerful one, it's a matter of changing one resistor which you can find in some page behind in this thread.

That is true for amp like Leben, Cary , and McIntosh (mass produced). The headphone amp section on those amps are not stand alone amp per say, they just take signal from the speaker section and go through a set of resistors and adjusted to drive headphones. Glenn (the amp maker) told me this trick a few years back. I have a repairman replaced my McIntosh MA6900's headphone section resistors with lower value, which increased the damping factor and drive. This made the amp more lively and emotionally connected. Of course, for now MA6900 drives my LCD-2 louder, and has more headroom.

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Ya, I think's that's the case, I just not really sure how it works smily_headphones1.gif
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The Cary SLI-80 sure sounds great with headphones. I am still waiting to enjoy a Leben.

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A-ha! Now I get it:
Change the input tubes to some with less gain will make it (more) quiet or even completely silent. Then, if I experience too little headroom / not enough power, then I change the resistors to lower value, which will provide more power and damping too. This looks promising.

I was a little afraid that I was between the chairs with this amp (using headphone output), but now I can see that with these options, I can make this work.
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The only way I could get my CS300 completly silent was to put a choke in de powersupply for the driver tubes.

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What is a "choke in the power supply"?

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