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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

I have been a big fan of Vandersteens for a long time.  I have moved up their model chain over the years.


They recently started selling a model called the Treos which have gotten great reviews.  I think they list for $6k per pair.  I am not sure what the retail price is.


I would recommend you check them out.

+1 on the Treo's. They are a good size for an apartment too. Terrific sound quality. They are $6k for the pair retail.

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Good afternoon,


I decided to sell my 110V (USA model) Leben CS300xs with original Sovtek EL84's. I am the second owner (first owner was Zu Audio - claiming a very little use - I trust them), I used it for a few months then found a CS300x with NOS Mullards EL84's locally.


It has been in storage for most of it's life. Makes no sense for me to keep two Leben's.


It is electronically / technically in perfect condition. Cosmetically also excellent but I want to mention that some golden knobs have a little "peeling" (sounds to be a Leben' issue) and the RCA plate in the back is somehow bent. Both mentioned comments do not affect the function of this terrific integrated amplifier at all. Wood panels, front panels are beautiful !


I used it at low volume (I'm in a townhouse and never turned the volume know above 1/4 - really) and paired it with either LS3/5a or Harbeth P3ESR. Never used to party or waking up my (loud) neighbor. I am mainly listening to jazz trio.


I am in NYC and would prefer a local cash-sale so I could demonstrate.


I do have the original packaging (incl. styropor), so double-packing shipping could be an option if you really motivate me.


If you are really interested drop me an email. I know you are aware of the market price (eg. Audiogon), so that's the price I will sell the Leben. FYI, I am not financially desperate.


I will listen and entertain any offers (PM only please) but will politely ignore lowballers.


Thank you !

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If nobody answered you yet - I'd use the 2V output from the Wadia. 2V is standard. From what I gather, using 4V might not be good for your amp. General rule 4V is balanced gain, 2V is unbalanced. 


PS: That is how a true headfier positions his speakers........

Originally Posted by Chrischeesk View Post

Hi I'm new here. Hello to all.


As usual I'm here cause I just got myself an CS300XS(Awesome) . I was just looking for a headphone amp and where I'm staying not much choice. So when I found one of these in my local hi fi store I was stunt and had to have it.


My system Ibasso DX-100, AlienWare M14X, Wadia 121, Benchmark USB, Leben CS300XS, HD-650, HD-600, Stax sr-001 MKII portable, Westone UM3X, Proac Studio 110.



I have a few question.


1. My Leben did not come with a user manual and I can't seem to find one online. Can anyone help.


2. My Wadia 121 DAC has 1V, 2V and 4V output. which one should I use for connecting to the Leben's line in? I'm using the 4V out now.


Impression so far. Did not know 15W can drive my Proac's so well. I use to use big amp's like Cary 805's, Gryphon's. I did not have the Wadia then so very hard to compare.


This system sound's so good I don't even waist the warm up time. I start listening in a minute or two from power on


The Wadia 121 drive's the HD-650 well. It's really really hi res. But after a few day's it feel's a little thin from the Wadia's headphone out . So come's the Leben and everything is hi res and meaty but still very fast pace.  

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Thanks for the reply ardilla. Really helpful cause as I have mention I don't have the user manual.


New find The Leben and Kef LS50 are awesome together in a small room. Makes the Proac sound colored. The LS50 some how sound like headphones. ha ha.





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Oh, and to update on the situation with my Leben...I'll be going to get it in a few days. A ground wire had come loose during shipping and it supposedly works fine now. 

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Excellent news, MorbidToaster! Good to hear, really.

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That's great to hear, MT.  It is always nice when/if the problem is a simple one.  Keeping our fingers crossed....

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In no hurry considering I still have the dealer's floor model and it sounds nice. ;)




That's what's spinning this morning

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

In no hurry considering I still have the dealer's floor model and it sounds nice. ;)


That's what's spinning this morning


Make sure the other issues are addresses as well. Wasn't there a knob that didn't feel quite right?

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That was an easy fix. Just tightened the knob. I was there when that one got fixed.


Originally Posted by Clayton SF View Post


Make sure the other issues are addresses as well. Wasn't there a knob that didn't feel quite right?

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Got my unit back and the balance issue on the headphone out is fixed...but it now seems there's some noise from the headphone out. 


IIRC this wasn't present before, and when listening with the TH900 at the meet (from the dealer's unit) I don't recall hearing it either. 


This is present even when nothing is plugged in. Another strange thing that I'd like to poll the rest of you owners about is this...When at 'Normal' or all the way to the 'Left' or 'Right' and my hand is on the balance knob there's no noise. 


Now, if it's anywhere in between and I touch the knob there's a pretty obvious hiss. 


Does anyone else get noise when they touch the knobs on their Leben? If not it could be a deeper seeded grounding issue...

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I inquired on pricejapan on these, apparently they've been discontinued.   They now have a CS-300F model, has anyone heard of it yet?  Supposedly released on 2/13/13 & uses 4x GE JAN 6197 and 2x 17EW8.  I haven't got any experience with these two tubes, any opinions?   The tubes seem like very low cost items with NOS going for $6 - $30 each from limited research.   One of the items I came across said that the 6197 was a computer tube and isn't frequently used in amp designs.


Edit:  Some more info, in French (sorry) http://www.nc-audio.com/leben300f.htm


Via Google Translate:


The LEBEN CS300F is the latest addition to the family Leben and the 'baby' of the range.

However, this 'baby' has a remarkable performance. The 4 X 6197 power tubes January Deliver a very able 15 watts per channel. Musicality is, of course, of the Highest level as with all models Leben. The standard of fit and finish is exemplary and the facilities available are generous. Selectable impedance for loudspeaker outputs, a very high quality headphone output on the front panel situated, and a 'bass boost' facility for low level listening are Just a few of the features we offer CS300F. Pride of ownership is high and the legendary quality will ensure Leben That will give you your CS300F Many years of reliable services and musical"

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Leben's website does have the announcement on their website about the CS-300F, but no details on the product page.


for me personally going to obscure tubes like that is a bad move.

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Guess I got the last good tube model. :)

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Hi fellow leben lovers just wonder what was the most synergistic & musical front end have you used with the Leben ?

Interested to hear your responses wether with headphones or speakers,


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