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Thanks Morbid. Please let me know when you are ready!
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For the past 2-3 years i have been looking for my Unicorn. It's really hard to find the right 220V version of the 300XS, But i've found it. I can't wait to go back to Beijing to hear the sound of the Leben for the first time.


As Skylab recommends me i will be looking for some Sylvania 6BQ5 black plates and some Raytheon 5751 Windmill getter.


The seller have provided me with his NOS but slightly used Mullard EL84, Vavlo EL84 and RFT EL84 1960's (add another $500) and the Stock Sovtek tube.


Can anyone identify which Mullards are these and which Valvo is that (is it worthed the optional $500 ?). How do they sound?










Awaiting me at home.



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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post
... I'll be trading my 300XS in for a 600 later this year.


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Originally Posted by Clayton SF View Post


My dealer mentioned 'a year or 2' when I asked about the trade in. I don't think he realizes the way I work yet. biggrin.gif

First things first though. New TT, cart and stage.
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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this??


Have been offered a good deal on a CS300 rather than the CS300xs.... am planning on running it with my LCD2's....

what are the differences? will I notice the difference ?



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I had one of each for a while. I found the differences very subtle, and the tube choice had more impact than the difference between the two units. I sold the XS and kept the CS300.
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Thanks Skylab, thats good news and saves me quite a lot of cash! if you're ever in the UK... I owe you a beer!! :)

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Have anyone a PDF-copy of Leben CS300 owner manual?

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I retired last spring. We are moving from a 4000 sq ft townhouse in Upstate NY to an NYC apartment that will have probably 25% of the space. Everything has to be slimmed down. But IN NYC I can hear live music every night.


I have been as much of an audiophile as I could afford since I was in high school, when I built an 6L6 amp (pre-stereo) with which I drove a speaker that I took out of a pre-ww II Zenith floor-model radio (got a power transformer and a lot of other parts out of that old Zenith as well).   It was ugly, on a recycled military surplus chassis, but it sounded great to me at the time.


I have been through a lot of gear. I now have my last system.   The CS300 fills my needs perfectly: it is small, drives my Rosinante Signature IIs and my HD800, and it sounds good enough that I can forget the equipment and hear the music.  


The rule I have too often failed to follow: Buy good enough equipment that you can forget it and forget it.


I have a hodge-podge of tubes, and I will use them in the apocalytpic day when the tubes run out (I plan to live a long time), but I want to start with a set of the best tubes I can find.  What are you using?  What have you heard? What should I avoid. 

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The CS300 has actually sounded good to me with pretty much every set of tubes I have used with it, but then again, I have used fairly good tubes ;)


I have settled on Sylvania black plate 6BQ5 and Raytheon Windmill getter 5751's, but the Leben sounded great with the much less expensive GE grey plate 6BQ5 and GE 5-star 5751.

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My Unicorn has landed









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Hi All,


I have been enjoying my Leben 300XS for a year or so. I am using some HD650's and some K1000 for very satisfying results. In a few months I will be moving to a new home where I can finally play music using speakers. My present living situation did not allow this and so my focus has been headphone listening.


In anticipation of this move I purchased a pair of efficient(93db), single driver, Omega speakers. I have one troubling thought however. I have a Japanese 100v version with the required external stepdown transformer (300watts) for the US. While I am sure that the stepdown unit has not limited the sonics for my headphone listening I wonder if any of you have used a similar setup for regular speaker listening? Do you think that the stepup transformer will be able to keep up with the demands of driving regular speakers?





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Congrats Keph.  Looks great!

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I hate you Keph. Posting pictures of the amp I've been waiting a month to get to me. :(

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Congrats Keph.  Looks great!


Thanks Rob...You made me purchase one...It's AMAZING



Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

I hate you Keph. Posting pictures of the amp I've been waiting a month to get to me. :(


Hahaha Sorry MT my dad knows Mr, Hyodo so i get it faster than you do..Just wait a few more days and you will get yours. Me too i want a Harbeth now because of you..


damm you people making me poor beerchug.gif


But i like it..







Ps. Im joking about my dad hehe..

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