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Anyone using aftermarket fuses? Any recommendations?


I replaced the wall outlet/receptacle with a Maestro outlet and my jaw is on the ground. Wish I had known about it sooner.

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In case anyone is looking for one of these for sale, one just came up for sale over at the AudioCircle forms... 


- No Disc

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If things fall into place, I will be stepping into the club w a CS-300XS.


I spent the last two days or so slogging through this whole thread.  One question I have that some of you were flirting with was using lower gain tubes....

I have some very choice pairs of 12AT7's around here that I would be thrilled to be able to use in this amp.  Has anyone done this?  Any opinions on what will happen?

Any glaring reason I shouldn't?

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Anyone compared the Leben to the Decaware Taboo/CSP2+ combo??

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Nice to know some one has found their holy grail -great pics too.

Wondered if you have tried the NOS Raytheon 5751 windmill getters? - I really like them in my leben CS 300xs. I have used them recently with a quad of Australian NOS EL84 Phillips Miniwatts.
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Yes, I am using the windmill getter 5751 in my CS300. Wonderful tubes.
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Interesting read Googleli. Have you had a chance to compare these with CBS/Raytheon 7729? Keen to know how these might stack up with the 3 you mention.

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Originally Posted by vert View Post

Back in the CS300XS club. I picked up badwisdom's unit. Interestingly, it has the same hum/static noise my previous unit had. There's definitely some interference at my place.


I currently have it plugged into a Running Springs Haley line conditioner. But the real secret is the Vertex AQ Jaya filter (plugged into the Haley). It reduces radio frequency noise and microphonic distortion. This is a night & day difference folks. If you ever see one for sale in the UK, snap it up.


Hey vert,


nice seeing you here. Hope you're enjoying the Leben, glad that initial scare took care of itself :)




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Originally Posted by googleli View Post

Ladies and gentlemen - introducing the vintage Gold Lion B759 12AX7s - the true holy grail among all 12AX7s, and matched within 1% at above 80. As I said, there is a pair currently selling on eBay but its matching or strength is no comparison to my pair. If you happen to find a pair locally, don't hesitate - get them regardless of the price. They sound good. You will hear it. This - IMO - is the ultimate 12AX7.


I've read good things about these valves too. I have also heard people say that the new versions of this tube "Genalex-Gold Lion ECC83/B759" sound good too, so I bought a quad matched set and replaced the Sovtek versions that came with the CS300Xs (s for Sovtek) with the new Genalex remakes (I think also by Sovtek) and then promptly removed them and re-installed the original Sovteks because they sounded better. I've looked on the web and a pair of Vintage Gold Lions are on Ebay for nearly $2000.00 now, about the same as NOS Mullards. Whats the point? The amplifier sounds fine as it is and I am bummed that I spent that money on new version Gold Lions, anyone interested in an essentually new matched set?

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Has anyone tried 12AT7's in the Leben?

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I have not, but I do find I prefer the slightly lower gain 5751 versus a regular 12AX7.

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Yeah, that's why I'm wondering about 12AT7's.  Since the amp has soooo much gain available for headphones, you'd think 12AT7's would almost be ideal?

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Can't hurt anything to try it.  12AT7 has 60% of the gain of the 12AX7, so it will lower the gain.  Not really sure of the small differences between them will have other effects on the CS300's circuit, but it will just be a question of how it sounds.

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Yes, certainly in terms of it being no problem to try it. Let us know how you make out biggrin.gif
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