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Over in the T50RP modding thread someone was talking about how he put his pads on using Ace Weatherstrip. he put a line of around the perimeter of the casing and pushed the pads onto it. It increased the bass impressively. I'd say you should try that with your T50RP.

For my T50RP i also stretched out my first pair of 840 pads so they dont fit. I recommend cutting the tube end off of a pair of dress socks and using that (sock mod) to hold the pads in place. it doesnt really change comfort or sound at all because dress socks are so thin and elastic. If that doesnt work then obviously theres double sided tape or you can make a custom mounting bracket of sorts using some well glued low power magnets, or you can custom design a resin mounting bracket using 2 part epoxy resin and clay. make an impression of the T50RP in the clay, bake it, use that as a "negative" to form a mold and suspend the pads over it.

I tried using a LONG amount of soft tube sock on my ath-m50 as a sock mod. There was just way too much sock. It moved the driver far away, killed all detail, muffled everything, bass went to ****, treble didnt really get THAT affected for sibilance, itjust lost clarity and detail. Needless to say that mod is no longer on the ath-m50. I might try again with half that amount of sock to see if it will help srh-840 pads stick on better but i'm thinking what will work the best is a set of women's black nylons.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to make the stock pleather into a softer material a la how the M50 carrying "pouch" feels like.
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The stock pads are actually very soft when they're new.  They quickly get stiffer though, especially if you sweat (even a little).


I just got new pads a while back and was amazed how much softer they were.  My old ones were hard and cracked.  My best advice with the stock pads is to wipe the sweat off them every time you take them off.  Hopefully this makes them last longer.

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I am new to this forum, but I want to make a contribution already, as this forum is guilty of two of my best purchases ever. the k701 and the M-50 who are my dynamic duo for everything I do music related.

Now, to the thing. I bought the M-50 to replace them for a technics RP-DH1200, good set of cans which lasted me about 4 years, but the left driver started to have some crackling and distortion. Also, the pads started cracking after those 4 years of rough use (very good quelity of leather pads). I was also seeking for a replacement for the pads, but instead I bought the AT phones. Last day I read about the topics of the pads cracking really fast, and also I also am concerned about how hot the M-50 pads get hot. 


For my surprise, even with a really different shape, the pads of the Technics fitted really well gs1000.gif, they are way less hot, and still have a good surface (just a bit of cracking). I found that there are velour pads for this thing (in funky colors) because the HDJ1000 are also really common and have the same pad extension. There are several velour pads in sale out there, but I will get the original ones, which are way less hot than the M-50 ones.


I can not assure they will fit perfectly, but mines are tamed by the use and fit perfectly, they are no that tightly inserted, but enough to be secured in place. Isolation is a bit less than the original pads, just a bit less, they are way less hot, and they are really comfortable and soft because I think they are real leather (I think...).


The sound, I detect a negligible change in the sub-bass, but nothing I can find as unpleasant, I find almost the same signature. I will order velour pads for my technics and try them on the M-50 and tell you the result :)



I will also post photos soon, see you

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Originally Posted by OpticElement View Post

iGig (and to anyone else interested), from our good friend Pianist:

Originally Posted by Pianist

..I was browsing some Russian online audio store a while ago and under the description of M50s they had in stock, I found a recommendation to replace the stock pads with Beyerdynamic 770 velour pads. You can buy them from HeadRoom for $27 US. I have no idea how it will affect the sound of M50s, but they will sure sound different from stock ones - since they are softer I am guessing that the sound will also soften up a bit. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I think it might help tame the upper trebles a bit and to bring out the upper mids, which M50s are somewhat lacking. In any case, I think the velours are worth a try, especially if you experience discomfort with the stock earpads. If you won't like the way they shape the sound sig of M50s, you can always resell them on head-fi for slightly less. Here's a pick of M50s with Beyer DT770 pads on. I think they look pretty cool this way :

Could be worth experimenting. Damn why did I return those DT770s?

What pads are these?  The post says DT770's, but someone posted pics and they look like they don't fit?  I need some more comfortable pads for the white version of the M50's and these would match nicely.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.


For those that bought the DT250's and were extremely dissatisfied with the quality after putting them on...like myself. The electric tape mod works. If you don't think it works then you might have done something wrong. Just make sure you cover up ALL the holes. Even the tiny ones on the edge. Don't miss a hole on the back of the velour pad.


As for the other mod where someone covered some holes on the headphones itself with masking tape, I did not do it. No need to.




After putting tape onto it:



What I also did was tape the grill onto the pad itself:



I'm sure it helps because its hard to align the grill while putting on the velour pad. This makes it a perfect install. Could possibly help with sound as well.

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This thread has been resurrected many many times.  It's ok if you have new relevant information like you did biggrin.gif.


Saw this thread in the diy section, anyway worth mentioning here.  I haven't tried it but I may.


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Originally Posted by jaffrey View Post

What pads are these?  The post says DT770's, but someone posted pics and they look like they don't fit?  I need some more comfortable pads for the white version of the M50's and these would match nicely.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks

I'm interested in this too.

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You could try Pearstone V6 Velour pads.

They're the scratchy type though.


They might hurt the sound though.


V6 pads actually fit..

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I guess this doesnt seem too old to ressurect. I put the SRH-840 pads on my ATH-m50. They fit fine, but are too loose. I have no clue what a good non-permanent way to hold them in place would be. Right now the pads stick to my skin, which is great. but the other end of the pads dont stick to the headphone, so that lets the headphone "spin" and slide forward/back on my head as if the pads are wheels or something. I dont want to put a tape piece around it because that would look rather ghetto. I;d prefer something elegent but I have no idea what. Double sided tape came to mind but the construction of the pads doesnt allow for that.
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I was using the SRH-840 pads on my M50 too and I have the same problem. Did you notice any change on sound signature? For me, using those pads turns bass down a bit and brings mids and specially highs to the front. Terrible.


I tried DT250 pads also, but I'm afraid to tear them.


Anybody tried the Pearstone V6?

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I've had my M50 for literally 10 days and the pads are already quite hard..

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I have the velour SRH-940 ear pads on my M50s and they are great. 

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Anyone here tried these?



There are a couple good reviews on them from ATH-M50 users. Thinking about trying them as my stock earpads are getting crusty and flaking.confused_face.gif

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