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Velour/Felt Pads for ATH-M50? - Page 2

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They were out of DT250s, so I'll be heading down when they get them in.
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They were out of DT250s, so I'll be going when they get some in.
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Originally Posted by Pianist View Post
Yep, that's how you do it. Or just carefully separate the ones on M50 pleather pads and glue them onto the other pads, which might be an even better solution, as with your own covering you never know how it might affect the sound. BTW, Beyer DT250 earpads should fit M50s no problem - I am almost 100% sure that they will as they seem to be just the right size and shape. If you have the money right now, I say go for it. I am currently on a tight budget unfortunately.
I don't want to separate the ring from the leather pads, in case I want to use them again.
The fabric covering I'm talking about wouldn't cover the driver, I'd use two different size elastic bands, one to go around the pad and the other one inside it. I won't make any moves until we hear about the DT250 pads.

Hey OpticElement, let us know what you find out when you get the new pads, hopefully there won't be much change on isolation and sound. Thanks for finding out for us, you are an M50 pioneer.
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Haha np. Unfortunately as I was telling Pianist, I was so enamoured in the sound of the M50s I didn't notice them pressing into my ears . If I can't find pads/a position that fixes it, I may have to return them as well, and pretty much give up on closed cans to stick with my IEMs
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P.S. iGig, how did you take off the M50 earpads?
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I apologize for my multitude of posts but also, iGig, do you find that your ears touch the backs of the M50s? One of the reasons I'm looking into the velour pads (perhaps more space seperation from the driver to my ear).
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Originally Posted by OpticElement View Post
P.S. iGig, how did you take off the M50 earpads?
Pull outward on the pleather and you'll see a ring holding the pad around the cup, don't worry it won't tear.
and no, my ears don't touch the driver or the pad at all, but I have small ears. Are they really that uncomfortable to you? you said you didn't notice them pressing into your ears, so maybe they're not too bad. ?

Here, I took a pic for you:

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Hey all I'm back from Long and McQuade... To make a long story short, no the DT250 pads will not fit the M50s:

Went in and asked to try the exchange. I noticed that the lip the M50 pads go over was much bigger than the DT250s, so also, the M50s had much more material for the lip than the DT250s. The DT250 pads could hardly get a hold of the M50's lip to the point where the guy I was talking to asked me not to push it, as we was afraid that the DT250 pads would either, a) get torn, or b) get stretched so that they wouldn't fit back over the original headphones. While I guess it's possible that if I had pushed the DT250s they may have fit, they didn't seem to want to go over.

It seems as though we are stuck with the pleather, unless we do some modding.
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ah well, at least we know for sure, thanks for trying.
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I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but I'm still hoping that there are some velour pads out there that will fit the m50.

What about ultrasone? I just noticed that they sell velour replacement pads on there website...could be worth a few minutes if anyone has both phones.

And once again, do you really think there are two sizes of dt770 pads? I heard something about one being dt770v. I could be wrong though. Any ideas?
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Me too! I haven't thought about Ultrasone before. Maybe the pads for the HFI models would fit?
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Ok, so I got someone to measure his proline2500 pads. here are the dimensions
height: 2cm
diameter: 10cm
circumference: 31.41cm
Just by comparing to my m50's I think they're a bit bigger, like 4" dia. round, which I'm guessing is about the size of the beyers. the m50's are 3.5" by 4" though. The depth is perfect, I'm just guessing they'll be a bit of a loose fit.

I wonder if any of the other models are smaller...I'm gonna look into that. Input is appreciated (especially from ultrasone owners).
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Good on you guys for resurrecting the thread, I gave up on finding the velours a while ago. If you find some, you will be M50 heros.
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Glad you're still here. turns out, the ultrasone pads have some sort of plastic attachment, so they won't work. I haven't given up yet...there are still a few possibilities
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Im watching this thread closely as I use these for walk around cans and have hd600s that use almost all the time. Would love some more velor in my life.
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