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Beyer DT-250-80 for movies?

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Last year I bought Beyer DT-770 Pro's after reading around, and I love them. I use them for listening to music on my computer w/ a Creek amp and they sound great.

I'm looking to buy another pair of phones now. I'm going to be buying a home theater setup soon and want something for listening to movies and SACD/DVD-A.

I'm looking at the 250-80's. I don't want something like the 770's for movies. The velvet ear cups are really comfortable, but I don't want something that will clamp my head when I'm laying down for 2+ hours.

So, do the 250-80's sound right for me? I have no problem with the sound of the 770's for movies, I'd just like to get a lighter pair of phones that won't clamp my head
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Why not just take the leather headband off the 770s and stretch the headband a wee bit - worked for me, i can wear them for hours at a time without any pain.
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tehpressman: If you like the sound of the DT770Pro/250, you could be disappointed with the recessed highs of the 250/80, while on the other hand its pronounced midrange could be nice for listening to dialogues. Thus I'd suggest to compare the 250/80 and the 250/250 (which is well extended and fairly neutral!) before purchase.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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They're comfy but the sound's sparkle will be gone, soundstage will be compressed and the dynamics won't wow you after the 770.

So no, don't get them

One of the good things I can say about the Gratos is that after a pad change (vwap's pads are mandatory in my opinion), and bending the headband, they exert virtually no undesirable pressure on the ears and they're feather light compared with many phones. They're open too so you'll feel less oppressive.

For home use I think the SR80 is your ticket to something different from the DT770. I've not had the SR225 to compare but one of those could be worth looking into. Can't recommend the 325. If you're determined to waste your money go for the RS-1. Very good fun, no 'Grato', as featherlight as lesser models, but grossly overpriced for the performance. (this all assumes you don't mind a change to open phones of course!)
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