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Okay... why the hell not?

1. War

2. The Unforgettable Fire

3. Zooropa

4. Actung Baby

5. The Joshua Tree


Looks like I'm one of very few people who remotely likes Zooropa. Go fig... rolleyes.gif

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(Two years later, again)

Hello there, living stones


Passengers / Original Soundtracks 1: Best U2 album in my opinion. Totally fell in love with this one, specially "Miss Sarajevo", "United Colours", "Theme from lets go native"... Brian Eno has done an amazing work with U2 here.

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"Boy" Because I saw them on that tour when the first album came out. It was in a club off of Northwest Highway in Dallas called Cardi's and only about 200 people were there. They were touring in a Ford van. The Edge broke his guitar into pieces ala The Who and several of my friends got pieces of it. That's the first time I saw U2. On the "Boy" tour of the U.S. 1981... 

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1) The Unforgettable Fire

2) The Joshua Tree

3) Achtung Baby

4) War

5) Boy

6) October

7) How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

8) All That You Can't Leave Behind

9) No Line On the Horizon

10) Pop

11) Zooroopa


The Unforgettable Fire flows well.  It's a true cohesive album.  There's some kind of mystery to it that I've never been able to completely solve.  It always keeps me coming back.  I've never tired of it, the way I tired of some of the other more hyped U2 albums.  Zooroppa is the only U2 album that I flat out don't like.  Pop is very uneven.

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...it was the album that turned me onto them when it came out in the early '80s.

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Achtung baby

How to dismantle an atomic bomb. 


Achtung baby is one of the most engaging albums from the band to date. 

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1) Zooropa. I just like it... The first seven songs or so are great to me.... zooropa, Babyface, Lemon, numb, Dirty Days, Stay in particular is my favourite of the album.. The only song I really dislike was the wanderer



2) Joshua Tree. My intro to U2 and it has some greats..... my favorite is exit.



3) Achtung Baby. Good album has a nice mix of energy and a bit of soul.


4) Rattle and Hum. Liked the mix of live performances and studio songs. Good energy.


The newer and older stuff just didnt grab me that much

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I like most of their 80s stuff and all of their 90s output. I'm not keen on much from the 00s other than a few tracks here and there.


That being said, I really like the new album.

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Originally Posted by DrBenway View Post

I chose War.

I think War balances nearly all of their strengths; there are certainly great songs ("Sunday, Bloody Sunday," "New Years Day," "Two Hearts Beat As One"). But it also is one of the best examples of their spacious, cinematic sound in a pure rock context. When the over-driven guitar leads well up out of "New Years Day," they conjure the kind of emotional response that only great, anthemic rock music can produce. Bono's vocals on that track are also my favorite of his entire career. When he sings "I...will be with you again" the emotional force is enough build a novel or a movie around.

If I remember correctly, War was a Lillywhite production. They got a lot more experimental in their later work with Lanois and Eno, but this represents their peak as a rock band, in my opinion. O.K., with the possible exception of Achtung Baby!

 Yes! War is it for me too. When they were still raw but more cohesive than Boy or October.


Joshua Tree had it moments but by this time they were getting too mainstream for me. This was the beginning of the end.


 Actung Baby was great and they seemed to be back on track for some great stuff in the future. However this should have been their last album. Didn't care for anything after that. I sold POP 3 days after I bought it. Yeesh!


A couple of years ago I was talking music with a young guy at work and he asked me how old I was. I kid you not, my answer was "Old enough to remember when U2 didn't suck."

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Correction...It was Zooropa that I sold after a few days.

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Originally Posted by crazychile View Post

A couple of years ago I was talking music with a young guy at work and he asked me how old I was. I kid you not, my answer was "Old enough to remember when U2 didn't suck."

Yep, it sucks that your story is amusing...'cause like most good comedy it has a nugget of truth in it.

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I've loved U2 since the early 80's.  I really wish I could defend them from the "sucking" comments but I can't.  U2 ceased to be a band many years ago, and became a corporate entity.  Their true inspiration seemed to die in the "Achtung Baby" era.  They've made a couple decent albums since, but even then, it's just a talented group of musicians going through the motions.  I cringe now, watching them try to stay relevant.  I wish they'd just quit and try and preserve what's left of their legacy.  

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