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I'm happy to start a feedback thread for Ivan. He bought my Dynalo, with good communication throughout the process and prompt payment. Enjoy your new amp
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I bought Ivan's RE1s. Its been great doing business with him and I look forward to other transactions!
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I sold a pair of HF-1's to Ivan and he was a pleasure to work with. Clear communication and quick payment. I look forward to working with him again someday.
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I've purchased Ivan's iRiver H140

He was clear and to the point in all communication, and very nice to deal with as well.

He was honest, everything is in working order, and in the condition he assured me it would be in.

I'm very happy with the transaction!
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Purchased some Grado pads from him. Easy transaction, as they always should be! Thanks.
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Purchased some Grado headbands from him - excellent to deal with. Prompt communication, fast shipping - for the shipping price difference he even offered to send the difference back. What a gentleman! I'd love to do business with him again!

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Heh, I should write some feedback for Ivan.

We did a face to face transaction for grado bowls some months ago. It went well
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Sold a pair of Jecklin Float Model 2 headphones. Quick and easy transaction, thanks.
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Purchased a Jmoney headband from Ivan. It arrived in timely fashion and in fantastic condition. Can't wait to do biz again.
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I was kinda apprehensive about sending a 'gift' paypal payment, but I read this page and decided to take the plunge. The iriver h120 I bought from him arrived on time and exactly as he described it. I'm in audio bliss right now!
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Sold Ivan a pair of like-new hifiman player. He was very easy to work with. Great communication and quick payment. Would do business with him again. Enjoy and thank you.
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I sold Ivan a pair of Grado pads. He was pleasure to transact with and a top-notch Head-fi'er!
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I sold a JH Audio replacement cable to ivanrocks321.
Fast payment, great to communication. Highly recommend.

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Bought his es7

just as described, fast response and shipping.

Highly recommended!
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Ivan purchased some Grado flat pads from me. Payment was swift and it was a smooth transaction. Would certainly do business with him again.
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