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Originally Posted by dannie01 View Post
The 6SE is wonderful amplifier, if you don't want to get any trouble or you want to avoid any trouble to be happened during the mod, the $450 is worth to pay although I paid less than that for many of the caps in BlackGate NH. I was in trouble when the first time I attempted the mod but fortunately I have some helping hands from peanuthead, indydieselnut and of course Jack of Woo Audio, I have the problem solved finally and I was frightened to do the mod for awhile but it finally done.

I love my WA6SE.
Well you are brave!!.

I had the money to get my WA6SE maxxed, so I figured less risk and no extra time for brake-in. Yes I would save some money by doing it myself, but what if.
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You're right on that point and I absolutely agreed, sillysally. I can pay for the maxxed version also when I ordered the 6SE. But I would like to experience the stock unit and compare with some better NH of BG instead of normal VK or something for similar cost and other up-grades step by step so decided to do it myself and I do enjoy in the process and finding of the differs make. Let enjoy music through our rig especially in the WA6SE we owned. Cheers.

Edit: Save money on the mod by myself is not my intention because all parts used inside my WA6SE are relatively expensive than the original up-grade parts offered.
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Originally Posted by Ricey20 View Post
I also wonder how the WA6/SE compares with the decware CSP2, anyone have any idea?
I'll know in about three weeks I ordered a CSP2 from Steve last week and it should be done in 2-3 weeks. I'll have to listen for a while before I can make any comments.

I also believe Skylab owns both these amps.
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