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Great topic but complex

I tried Electri-Q to increase the low frequency (something like 20-70Hz), but it doesn't work. I don't want to increase the impact (50-70Hz)

SOS Please
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Although I hardly use EQ, I find this thread very interesting indeed! Ive been eqing before but I usually eq just by hearing average peaks of all my music basically saying it is the headphones anomaly instead of the recordings themselves. I never really took eqing to this level with my cans. The only time I did hardcore eqing was with my car audio setup before while using an RTA. Ive also heard how a great home audio eq (like an accuphase digital eq ive heard) makes the sound but was never actually around when the owner set it up.
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I LOOOOVE this post. Sweet tutorial! I just eq'd my DT770/80 pros and they sound sooo much better. I ended up with a parametric filter at 2839, 4541, and 7747. It really cuts down on any sort of white noise that may be present on the recording as well as that echo/resonant sound that i never really noticed until i compared the headphones with and without the eq. FYI im on a mac not a PC so it took a bit to find some software that had a parametric eq. I ended up using Audio Hijack pro and a mac eq plugin called EQx which works really nice
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yup indeed it's a nice post but take me some time to digest it^^
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How come no presets for certain headphones? Would make sense to correct known inaccuracies.
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great tutorial ty
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Originally Posted by iriverdude View Post
How come no presets for certain headphones? Would make sense to correct known inaccuracies.
Because the 'right' settings vary from one person to the next. Trying to find a preset that worked for everybody would be like trying to make a pair of glasses that worked for everybody.
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BTW, Piccolo, I've been told that "one of the drawbacks of using EQ to change colouration and resonance is that it can mess up harmonics. Violins can sound dry at one extreme, and whiney at the other."

I think that's the problem I'm having, getting the EQ "right" is pretty tough
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a noob question, can EQing make dt880 sound like ultrasone hfi-780? How close can it get? I'm asking this because i have a good offer for dt880 but i like how ultrasone sounds. Although i only have fiio e5 as an amp.
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Should I use Analog, Digital or Linear Phase mode? Also how do you change Peak Type to "S-plane type II"?
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Thanks very good for a starter likes me!
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Just skimmed through the thread; I have a question, sorry if it's been asked but there's a whole lot of technical talk in here so I've gotten lost a bit.

Besides the difficulty, do you guys think it's silly trying to EQ a Grado phone to flat, since they were designed to be really uneven to begin with...?

I tried this with my MS2 and I found like 6, 7 peaks. I did a preliminary EQ and got the sine wave playing back sort-of smoothly. Ended up sounding kinda like my old HD25-1 and I have to turn the volume up a large notch up to get to a comfortable listening level. Sorry I haven't got a screenshot of the settings since I didn't keep the EQ, I'm gonna give it another crack tomorrow when my head stops hurting from the test tones...
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In this very interesting topic, you generally have to use different softwares to Eq your headphones : sine generator, parametric EQ, ... This may be a bit complicated.
I propose a free software dedicaced to headphone optimisation head-fit, that integrates all needed functions : a full featured signal generator, 6 band EQ and also a very complete crossfeed. Some signals have been specially created for headphone setup. It is an evolution of my older crossfeed software.
If you have other ideas to ease and improve headphone optimisation, I can add other features.
There is no manual yet but you can have some infos on the soft page here.
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