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add dampening in the cups before fixing your EQ IMHO, it will require less messing around and the sound will be clearer.

it made a world of a difference on my 770Pro, and same goes on my 770 Premium now.

you want the cups to be heavier and not have the sound in contact w/ plastic whatsoever...as explained here : Custom Cups for AH-D2000

anyway, I've noticed peaks in SineGen at 6300 & 10K, I've killed them in Ozone4 in analog mode....and voila it sounds perfecto!
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My cups are metal mostly.
I dun have any dampening material yet... need to order some.
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Originally Posted by Ashirgo View Post
Yesterday I tried a flat equalisation for my HD 555 and now their sound without any equalisation (or with my previous one) is just unbearable!

That is, I prefer that flat (with the resonance eliminated and spikes in the lowest register) to any.

Just one thing: it is too much like a SR-303's in its sound reproduction and highs are sometimes exaggerated (recording-dependent, I believe).
Good man! I knew you'd see the light.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
My cups are metal mostly.
I dun have any dampening material yet... need to order some.
hah, metal is terrible! even worse than plastic.

I tried some aluminium dampening on my 770Pro, I wasn't pleased...the bass was very controlled but the trebles sounded metallic to death(instead of plastic-y w/ the stock cups) :

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Well my phones are open back so reflection is not that big of a problem.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Well my phones are open back so reflection is not that big of a problem.
ATH-A900 I presume?
anyway, my sweeps w/ the sine.wav go away if I output in integer to my sound card drivers...mostly they were doing some ugly conversion from 32float I'd guess

that gives me an opportunity to use the 24 bit noise shaping in ffdshow

EDIT: anyway, that's my final setting(32float EQ), sound is simply very natural and true to life
(6300/10K found in SineGen)

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Here are all the peaks I could discern, that are significant enough for me to list, for the A900 using SineGen 2.1

12280, 10210, 10000, 9888, 7518, 7033, 4755, 4376, 3777, 2959, 2286, 1996, 1497, 1384, 1072, 910.1, 703.2, 474.4, 409.4, 299.3, 208, 176.6, 89.76

I will work on the dB adjustments tomorrow.

EDIT: One thing that I would like to note is that my Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 system at first glance didn't seem to have nearly has many peaks and the sound level was more consistent. Obviously further examination is needed.
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That's pretty terrible, I didn't think headphones could have that kind of unevenness in the response, especially below 1kHz.
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
ATH-A900 I presume?
Nah they are old audio technica electrets (at706).

Would a bump around 500-800 hz represent cup resonance?
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Having some problems with my SineGen.

I want to equalize my cheap Creative EP 830 just for fun but when i open SineGen and click Power it says:

The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated. Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported format.

I plugged them in to my motherboard. Says the same thing even if i plug in my speakers.

Can anyone help?

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The only thing I can think of is to click the setup button and make sure your settings look like this:

The default settings also include 24-bit/96khz, among other rates. Perhaps your sound chip is getting confused.
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Yeah, I had the same problem, and that fixed it. But then the SineGen program would crash in a few seconds of playback, just by moving the slider around. Setting the format to 16/48 didn't fix anything.

Then I found a different app called SweepGen, which works (albeit with more effort).

I *think* I found peaks around 2500 and 7500 Hz, but am not sure.

Playing the pink noise wav in Winamp w/ Shibatch I get some results I don't understand. The stock settings (all bars to max) produce lots of garbled noise, which is mostly fixed by greatly reducing the volume around 2500. However, with this adjustment, the vocals in my music sound muted (relative to the instruments).


My next attempt with the EQ produced much better results. I suppose the goal with the pink noise file is play it back while adjusting the EQ so that the pink noise sounds sounds like the white noise ought to? (i.e. make the frequencies of noise blend until they are indiscernable from one another?)

Is there any way to apply these settings to the audio card itself, so that games, movies, and other audio apps can benefit from a single set of EQ settings?
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Shibatch is very unintuitive and not one of the better parametric EQs. I just included it for completeness and because some people like it.

As for pink noise, you should equalize it so that it sounds equally loud at every frequency, as best as you can.

You cannot apply these settings to your sound card.
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I have just purchased my first audiophile headphones - Sennheiser 555 connected to X-Fi and currently burning them in. I feel they are very harsh in the treble area (Im new to this so bear with me lol, for example cymbols sound harsh)

Ive tried messing around following this guide and have had a result so far but is there any way you can please export your settings PiccoloNamek and make them available on the first page. It seems mine will be very similar to yours but I am unable to adjust it exactly like yours.
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I don't think I can actually export the settings from Electri-Q. It is very difficult to even save them properly, because the save function is very crippled. I can tell you the settings I use, however.

There is a button that should say something like "Analog" or "Digital" on it. Right click it and change it to "FIR-Min". Then right click (and hold) on one of the dots and change its type to "S-plane - Peak II". Do this for a second dot. Now, double click one of the dots and enter these settings.

Freq = 7450
Gain = -8
BW - 0.750

For the second one, use

Freq = 12850
Gain = -9.6
BW = 0.950
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