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I sold rawrster some lod. Nice communication and quick transaction, recommended to deal with!
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Rawrster purchased my SJ5 and Sansa e260. Excellent communication and payment was immediate. Highly recommended!
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I sold Rawrster a pair of MeElectronics M6. Excellent communication and payment was immediate.
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Paulo and I did a trade. I traded him my Cowon D2 and accessories, for Denon D1001's, and a MiniBox-D.

All went smoothly. Great communicator. Goods came very well packaged.

Wouldn't hesistate to deal with him again

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sold a mini-mini cable. immediate payment and good communication. smooth transaction.
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sold him a nuforce mobile icon in a perfect transaction

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Paulo sent me a pair of re0 biflange tips for free + shipping. Great communication and quick shipping, would gladly do business with him any day.
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I bought a memoery card from rawrster. Smooth business, great communication.
Thanks again!
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rawrster bought some silicone ear hooks from me. smooth transaction, gread head-fier. would deal with again!
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I met up with Paulo in-person to sell my 10s. Fast and easy transaction. Would gladly deal with again.
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rawrster bought mini from me easy to deal with
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Rawrster sold me his Klipsch S4 earphones. Fast and easy transaction, great communication, and overall a great person to deal with.
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Met up with rawster to trade some tips. Great transaction and hope you like the tips.

Get yourself to the next NYC meet! Its at bayside!
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Sold a pair of T400s to Paulo. Good guy and HFer.
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Sold Paulo a TF10 cable. Great person to make deal with. Highly recommended!
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