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240 Gig iMod

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Hi All,

I would like to let you know that the new Toshiba 240 gig hard drive works in the 5 and 5.5 generation iPod videos. I now have a 240 gig iMod! Well, 223.39 GB to be exact.

I bought the Toshiba MK2431GAH Hard Drive from I have to say that it was pricey at $294.99, but my old 80 gig HD was dying and I really needed the extra space.

Vinnie at RWA had graciously offered to install the drive for me, but I felt brave today and decided to do it myself. So far, so good. I have far more confidence in Vinnie than myself, but I just could not bear to be without my iMod for the few days that Vinnie would need it. This was the first time I ever opened an iPod and the task was straight forward.

If you are in the market for an iMod (and who isn't?), I highly suggest that you buy the 240 gig drive and send it, along with your 5/5.5 gen iPod and a new battery, to Vinnie. Now all I have to do is upgrade the hard drive on my Macbook Pro so it is at least as big as the iMod!

I cannot wait to plug my big, fat iMod into the Amphora!!

Best Regards,

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Yup it only works for the ipod video and while pricey ultimately is a great solution to those of us who want more and more space for our files. When I fill my 80 gig up I will probably order one myself dunno if I will send it into Vinnie or not because I know it is a easy flip to do but I don't really like cracking open my own stuff (besides the computer I built XD). I did dissect my own video 5g 6 months ago.
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How easy was this to do yourself? Are there any videos or pics online of the proceedure? Any special tools required?
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240GB iMod...

Just wanted to alert everyone that I have the 240GB iMod as well. I purchased the ipod & drive from Rapid Repair. The first two they sent did not work. Lots of problems that seemed to be software related? It turns out so you know that the later generation 5.5 is able to hold more playlist and file numbers to be clear if you use this drive for an ipod that you plan on using with a large library you might have problems after filling it up. I happen to have over 160GB's of music so I had loads of problems. Luckily Rapid Repair worked on the problem for a month and figured it out. (Nice Going Guys). Once they sorted it out and sent me my 240GB I sent it to Vinnie and had him Mod it. It now sits atop the SR-71A blasting through a pair of Ultrasone Edition 8's. Absolutely amazing. So just a word to the wise. Learn from my experience.
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