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Here is a sample from my version of Californication. Now, go easy on me because I did this a long time ago. I could probably do it better if I re-did it.

RHCP - Californication Sample
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Originally Posted by aragornmustdie View Post
LFF- the files in your link sound so awesome, omg. i only own the digitally remastered 90s version.

Sell those remastered versions and find yourself a copy of the original Barry Diament masters. Best versions on CD you can find.
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def leppard - hign n dry.
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Lesser known, but Dredg's "El Cielo" is really well recorded.
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Nine Inch Nails have great SQ albums.
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Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold View Post
at least with the exception of Vapor Trails. Apparently Snakes & Arrows is rather loud as well
I hated the sound on these 2 albums, took away a lot from the overall quality.

The Moving Pictures & Permanent Waves remasters on the other hand maintain a very smooth, balanced analog sound as do some of the older albums (2112, Farewell To Kings).

But I bought the Presto remaster recently after avoiding it since it was released and am disappointed. I've never heard a CD sound TOO crisp and clean. The original was this way but I figured the remaster would have added a bit of "oomph" and airyness to the sound. The sound is too damn trebley and dry. No smoothness at all, just very brittle and harsh.
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Originally Posted by analogbox View Post
Nine Inch Nails have great SQ albums.
And adding to the list: Helmet - "Aftertaste".
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dream theater's "images and words" sound awsome! but i didnt like the sound of metropolis. it sound a bit muffled and grey, like something got screwd up in the mastering or something (maybe its on purpose..?!).

but anyway..images sound amazing and so does "Awake".
symphony x -"V" is maybr the best sounding album(and the best album probably" i have ever heard!
more great sounding albums imo (there is a lot so i will give short list)

manic street preachers-"everything must go" (the only manic album i got but i guess their other albums sound good too)

sigur ros-"takk"

therion-"gothic kabbalah" (this is one of lots of great metal albums that sound amazing..there is so much so i dint want to get deep into metal...the list will take 4 pages!)

i just want to comment,i also think that the rush remasters sound very good.
a little low on volume but very good sounding nontheless.
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Originally Posted by LFF View Post
Easy! I track down the best source and remaster it myself.

Zepplin's remastered LPs sound great, especially the strings.

Originally Posted by John Buchanan View Post
Jack Bruce "Sitting On Top Of The World" or its expanded version "Cities Of The Heart"
Eric Clapton "Unplugged"
Cream "Royal Albert Hall" 2CD
Deep Purple "Made In Japan"
Emerson Lake & Palmer "Pictures At An Exhibition"
Peter Gabriel "Plays Live"
Grateful Dead "Fillmore West 1969"
Jimi Hendrix Experience "Axis Bold As Love"
King Crimson "In The Wake Of Poseidon" and "On Broadway"
Led Zeppelin "How The West Was Won"
Little Feat "Waiting For Columbus"
Joni Mitchell "Shadows And Light"
Van Morrison "It's Too Late To Stop Now"
Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells"
Rolling Stones "Stripped"
Santana "Lotus"
Steely Dan "Aja"
Yes "The Yes Album"
X2 (great list)

From your list, I recently found the yes album, Tubular bells in great shape, vynil, for $2 each at the goodwill
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I would x2 on a lot of the albums mentioned above. The key is the stuff from the 70s and earlier, before the CD-centric mastering and excessive dynamic compression got out of hand. I'll add all the Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd albums that have not been mentioned before. I will also add:

All of Bowie's 60's and 70's albums (up to and including Scary Monsters),

Talking Heads (esp. the live The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads)

The first 2 Roxy Music records (Roxy Music and For Your Pleasure)

Brian Eno (Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, and Before and After Science

The Who - Who's Next, and Quadrophenia

and a whole bunch I am forgetting.
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Bruce Springsteen The wild the innocent and the e street shuffle
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Originally Posted by LFF View Post
Easy! I track down the best source and remaster it myself.

Gilded turd in some case im afraid . I do a little bit of tweaking myself, though.
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I really think that the following Rock cds are well recorded:

Coming Up by Suede
London Calling(Remastered)by The Clash
Everybody Else is Doing it So Why Can't We by The Cranberries
In Rainbows by Radiohead
Echoes by The Rapture
Under the Blacklight by Rilo Kiley
The Libertines by The Libertines
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anybody knows of a good recording of iggy pop's raw power? i dont know what they were thinking with the self-hyped "remastered" thingy- it makes my ear bleed. BUT some bits of it are nice- the opening of gimme danger until before the screaming part, etc. anybody heard the original master? does it sound good?
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Not too sure about Suede's "Coming up". That album has no low end to speak of. It sounds tiny, even though the songs are good and the thing has been somewhat correctly mastered, i.e. non-overcrushed dynamics-wise.
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