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Neko Audio D100

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Has anyone taken a look at this DAC yet? Uses a PCM1794 (two actually running in mono mode).

Anyone have thoughts on this unit? Is it worthy of $1300??

Neko Audio - uncompromising audio electronics
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The components are good, the interior is clean and separated for the psu. It could be worth the 1300 bucks.
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Wonder why no one is talking about this thing? Maybe it is because it looks like a brand new company. I would like to hear more input/feedback on this DAC because I am very interested. Just afraid to spend $1300 on a DAC and a company that is brand new to the market.

What do you all think about the Burr Brown PCM1794A chip? Seems like most DACs now of days are using the PCM1704 or the newer PCM1798. The PCM1794A seems to have the best "audiophile" stats on paper....but I can only find like two DACs that use it (in addition to this one). The D100 seems to be the best.
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Hello. I'm the owner of Neko Audio and can answer any questions you might have.
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Hi, welcome to Head-Fi
I would say "sorry for your wallet", but in this case I guess it is more sorry for ours

Question: Will there be an optional USB input on your device?

I think many people are also using ther comuter (atleast I am) as a source. And I am looking for a good DAC with USB input.
Well implemended
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Welcome here Wes, your DAC brings a bit o fresh air here with its transformer IV/output stage. I DO like the idea (and am working on a similar thing).
As our viking friend here stated however, these days it is important for DACs to have an USB input (even if there are many USB-spdif converters out there, people is lazy you know) as many of us are using computer as sources, specially for the headphone system.
I like your cat logo too btw (and your surname )
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They look very nice.
Who is going to try one?
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Thanks for the welcome.

A USB input is a good feature, and I also use a computer for my media server so I can really understand the desire. It certainly makes a lot of sense for people who use headphones at their computer.

Unfortunately there's no USB input right now. As josep mentioned, there are a number of USB->S/PDIF converters available for very reasonable prices, but I know that will be an inconvenience for some.

Perhaps more unfortunately, the D100 is only UL certified for sale in the United States and Canada right now. I am hoping to extend to the rest of the world soon. The unit as-is will work with 230V/50Hz--you just need to attach an appropriate power cable.
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Hi Wes Miaw.

It is true what you are saying, there IS a lot of USB to Coax converters. But If I spend 1300$ on a DAC I probably gonna get a very good USB to coax converter, just to make sure it wont be the bottle neck of the system. So a BEL canto (495$) or a Empirical audio (695-1500++$). Because I will not know which converter will be best suited.

BUT if the device comes with a usb converter, which I hope and assume will be on par with the DACs performance, I can be certain that I get the best converter regarding price and performance. Since it has been chosen by you, and I assume no one knows the DACs potential better then you, and thus the converter will be perfect

And the USB option might be cheaper then what I would have bought from a third party manufacturer.

So please think really hard about adding a USB converter, preferably one that use some kind of "new and improved" innovative technology. We love that kind of stuff But seriolsly, innovative is appreciated. Assuming that is is better then the traditional solution ofcource

Have you concidered adding a BNC input (I2S)?

You will not ship to Europe yet, right??


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Glad people are starting to talk about this. I am still VERY interested, but I would like to know what makes this DAC stand out from say an Audio-gd Reference One or maybe the new LD DAC_1 for the money?

I do like how the DAC seems to be very simple, but would really like a sample rate indicator on the front and maybe a few more inputs/outputs on the back.

Is it truly balanced?

Does it upsample?

Does it oversample?

Whats the latest ETA on these being available?

Any other reviews in the works?
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It does not upsample or oversample.

So, you are saying that it is a NOS dac?
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This seems like a really interesting DAC at a good price point. Maybe you'd like to come out to a Nor Cal Head-fi meet, Wes? That would help generate some Head-fi impressions. However, I don't think the folks want to plan anything until after Can Jam.
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Originally Posted by MaZa View Post
So, you are saying that it is a NOS dac?
That is correct. (Edit: The PCM1794A does oversample internally, and so it does not qualify as NOS in that respect. Sorry for the confusion.)

Originally Posted by mikaronni View Post
This seems like a really interesting DAC at a good price point. Maybe you'd like to come out to a Nor Cal Head-fi meet, Wes?
Would love to. I also provide home auditions in the South Bay Area by appointment. I have one unit on hand and a set of cables for that.
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I'm sold!

...now to convince the wifey

Thanks for answering all my questions Wes!!!
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Originally Posted by Zorlac View Post
Thanks for answering all my questions Wes!!!
You're quite welcome.
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